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Unique Identification  Authority of India has come up with a facility of TOTP in aadhar Or The time-based one-time password for the purpose of effectively updating the details in the profile details in your aadhaar card or also providing features for downloading the aadhaar card on your cellphones phone(android smart phone) the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) offers a virtual programming feature officially known as mAadhaar, a mobile aadhaar app mAadhaar offers number of features like:

  • downloading profile on android smart phone
  • biometric details lock, unlock feature and
  • generation of TOTP

TOTP in aadhar

The mobile aadhar app (mAadhaar) card virtual aadhaar provides you with the facility to update changes in your profile through TOTP in aadhar. TOTP or The time-based one-time password is generated by the use of algorithm and is valid only for 30 seconds i.e. the TOTP in aadhar will expire within 30 sec from the time it is generated. The Time-based OTP is an 8-digit long numerical count.

For avoiding the conventional SMS based OTP. The most pivotal frailty weakness that is addressed by the temporary OTP’s is that user will not be dependent on mobile network for the sms delivery. The time-based one-time password or TOTP in aadhar is an exemplar of a hash-based message authentication code.

To generate the TOTP mobile application mAadhaar is used. The main use of the Time-based one-time passwords is for two-factor authentication and also for developing adoption by cloud application providers.

Apart from the TOTP in aadhar, there are a host of distinct attribute of mAadhaar, which comprise of lock unlock feature of biometric details. This can enable the biometric checking by locking biometrics data.

For the purpose of understanding, download mAadhaar android mobile application on your mobile phone. It also provides the feature to create new resident profile. You can navigate to the TOTP (temporary onetime password) page view. As soon as you receive the TOTP make sure you use it as it is valid for 30 seconds, i.e. it will expire after 30 seconds and then you will have to generate the new TOTP.

The Aadhaar card number is a compulsory Unique Identity number for every citizen of this country. The central government has made it vitally important for every citizen to link their UID Aadhaar card number to most crucial services examples: financial products, bank accounts, permanent account numbers (PAN), mutual fund schemes, phone numbers, and others.

For the time being, various petitions have been filed against the mandatory linking of Aadhaar card number with these above utilities. Because of these court issues, deadline for linking aadhar number with different schemes have been extended on various events.

The Supreme Court, extended 31 March deadline on March 14 for the purpose of linking various services to Aadhaar until it delivers its discernment on aadhaar’s constitutional validity.

Lately, the government announced the extension of the deadline to link Aadhaar card number with PAN card till June 30. Government extended the deadline for linking aadhaar to PAN fourth time.

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