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The Aadhar card (UID) is an endeavor to digitally spot people for the basic purpose of trailing the social security of an individual. It is inspired by the Social Security Number issued in the USA. Many of countries inclusive of China, USA have identification cards which is similar to Aadhar. But visionary the Aadhar is supposed to provide  benefit social summation on all development framework (Education, Health, Employment) and hence sling as more than an identity card.

aadhar office in bangalore

Aadhar is a 12-digit unique identification (UID) number which is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) in the personal interest of the Government of India to all the individual resident, citizen of India for the purpose of establishing the unique identity for every single person.

Aadhar Card has become mandatory for the many services and is now become the part of day to day life, following are some of the areas where is has become mandatory: Driving License, Sim Card, University Degree, Railway Ticket Booking, EPF Pension, PAN Card, etc .

How to locate Aadhar enrollment centers in India

The government has been mainly focusing on the significance of having an Aadhaar card. Besides listing your biometrics, the Aadhaar card also provide an address and identity proof that you require to submit in schools, colleges, at your job, and also to take advantage of gas subsidy. For those who have not yet applied for an Aadhaar card, now It is the peak time do get one as soon as possible. You can find Aadhar office in Bangalore to register for aadhar card or to correct the details in aadhar card.

Then there are various abstract where your mobile number is not linked to Aadhaar, there is a mismatch in your name or date of birth, or possibly you might have a changed the address. Also, it is very important for girls, they need to get their name changed after marriage. For these various important things, there is no way to change online, as the biometric authentication is required to change details. For making these changes, you’ll have to head over to the Aadhaar enrollment center near by your area, and it is simple to find it online.

Where To Enroll for Aadhaar card in Bangalore?

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka is also being one of the most populated cities in the country. Residents of other states from the country continuously migrate Bangalore in masses for jobs and education. Be it the serenity of Lalbagh Botanical garden, the regal grandeur of Bangalore Palace,  the hustle bustle of Commercial Street, or the grandiose of Malleshwaram, the serenity of Lalbagh Botanical garden, Bangalore is one of the most visited cities in the world, being the IT sector.’

To nurture such a large variety of population, UIDAI has come up with the initiatives to set up a number of enrollment centers both in rural and urban Bangalore. The list of Aadhar office in Bangalore are mentioned below:

  • Bbmp Office,110 4th Main Gm Palya, New Thippasandra, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560075. Contact phone number : 9945803433
  • Garission Engineer South,No 2 Ulsoor Road, Shivanchetty Garden Post , Bangalore , Karnataka – 560042. Contact phone number : 8025300418 Btm 1 Stage Nagarikara Hitharakshana Vedike,#14 Shesh 2nd A Cross Cashier Layout, Btm 1st Stage, Bangalore , Karnataka – 560029. Contact phone number : 8042029351
  • Asc Centre & College No.4 Training Batallion, Agram Post , Bangalore , Karnataka – 560047. Contact phone number : 8025550863
  • No 746 1st Floor,Sri Krishna Temple Road, Indiranagar 1st Stage, Bangalore North, Karnataka – 560038. Contact phone number : 8025262930
  • Rajajinagar P O, Rajajinagar Post Office,Near Rajajinagar Rto Office, Rajajinagar 2nd Stage, Bangalore North, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560010. Contact phone number : 9036685315
  • GPO, Opp State Bank Of Mysore, Rajbhavan Road, Bangalore North, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560001. Contact phone number : 9035941713

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What is the password to open eaadhar card PDF

We have seen many of the people have difficulty in opening their eaadhar card as eaadhar card that is downloaded online is password protected. The eaadhar card is a pdf file which is encrypted with password.

eaadhar card password


If you have any queries like e aadhar document open password, aadhaar password, aadhar card password, aadhar pdf password, e aadhaar password, e aadhar password, password to open aadhar card the the answer is below.

The password to open your aadhar card is you pin code number. Its the pincode number of your city. Either try the pincode number of your address or put the pincode number of your aadhar card center number.

If this doesn’t work let us know through comments below we will tell you the other solution if possible.

Note :  Aadhar card is must for every Indian it will also be required for government exams source : http://sarkarijobmilegi.in

[Simple Steps] How to verify aadhar card by name? | aadhar-uidai.in

Aadhar card verification | Verify aadhar card by name 

Verification or in other words Aadhar Card verification is the method of verifying the existence of your Aadhaar card or  Aadhar number. Aadhaar card verification can easily be done online through the official UIDAI website. The verification can be done by submitting your 12 digit unique UIDAI not only issues Aadhaar card to the citizens of India but it also maintains details of each and every Aadhaar card holder in India. One can easily verify their Aadhar card after they have registered for the Aadhaar card and have received the Aadhaar card number.
verify aadhar card by name

Why do you need to verify Aadhar card by name?

As it is important to verify your Aadhaar card in order to ensure that your Aadhaar number has been issued and have validity, One can also update any personal information while verifying Aadhaar card. The gender, age and the state to which the card holder belongs will be displayed at the time of verification of Aadhaar. The card holder can immediately contact UIDAI if there is any inaccuracy in the information presented. The owner of the card can call on the toll-free number or send me an email to contact UIDAI.

Process to Verify Aadhaar card by name

Through UIDAI website portal it is possible to verify your Aadhaar card online hassle free. It is necessary that you have your Aadhar number in order to verify your Aadhar card. Following are the steps through which any resident of India can verify their Aadhar card online.

  • Visit the official UIDAI website.
  • Choose the option “Aadhaar services” present at the bottom of the page.
  • Choose the option “Aadhaar Verification” presents on the page.
  • The link will redirect you to the Resident Portal of UIDAI or the Aadhaar Kiosk.
  • Choose the option “Verify Aadhaar”.
  • Enter your 12 digit unique Aadhaar number in the space provided.
  • Once you’ve entered your Aadhaar number, enter the security code.
  • Now choose the option “Submit”.

The page will display details of your Aadhaar card if it exists once you submit the online form. It will also let you know whether your Aadhaar card has been issued or not.

How to Check If Your Aadhaar Card Is Deactivated

  • Log in to the official website 
  • Click ‘Verify Aadhaar Number’ under the ‘Aadhaar Services’ tab on the homepage.
  • Verify your Aadhaar by entering the 12-digit Aadhar card number and the security code.
  • Click on ‘Verify’ to know if your Aadhar card is valid or deactivated. If a green tick appears then your Aadhaar card has not been deactivated

How to re-verify your Aadhaar card if it is deactivated?

  • Visit the nearest Aadhaar Card enrollment centre with all relevant documents required.
  • Fill in the Aadhaar update form for a fee of Rs.25.
  • Get your biometrics verified and provide a valid mobile number.
  • The updating will be done and your Aadhaar card will be activated once the data provided is verified by authorities

By following these steps you can easily verify aadhar card by name, We have tried to here to explain steps how to verify aadhar card by name, how to re verify aadhar card if it is deactivated.

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How to apply for aadhar card PVC online | eaadharcard.org

Most of the cards are printed on the plastic type of material. These plastic cards are also good enough and tough to tear or get damaged.

Differentiating the PVC and the plastic, the PVC is tougher than the plastic and durable. If you are still fascinated by the PVC card then you must visit the licensed Aadhar card agent or enrollment center.

apply for aadhar card PVC online

The Government informed in the statement that if a person is obsessed, then he can go to the neighboring authorized enrollment centers by paying Rs 30/- per one card. Anyone who charges above the mentioned rate fine will be charged.

If you find anyone charging more than the rate fixed by the government for plastic UID then you can immediately file a complaint such that UIDAI will take action and charges will be filed against that person.

Any online merchants who are collecting the public Aadhar information for printing of Aadhar card are the criminal offense punishable with imprisonment under Indian Penal Code and also Chapter VI (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016.

The above mentioned statement is given by the government for the merchants who are charging more than the rate fixed by the government.

People should not share their UIDAI details to the unauthorized people as the information is likely to be misused.

The Government ordered the vendors and online evaluation websites do not collect any UID information.

Most of the people will get their UID’s in plastic material.

Aadhar card PVC online strategy to apply for plastic Aadhar card. UIDAI precisely shared the details of information and same here it is.

Everyone is quite aware of Aadhar Card PVC online or Plastic Aadhar card which has now become popular past few days.

Fabrication in the city that government told the nation that Aadhar cards must be printed on PVC which is a kind of plastic material. Most of the people were confused and there was huge crowd at the enrollment centers regarding the issue of plastic Aadhar UID.

How to Apply For Aadhar Card PVC/Plastic online?

UIDAI declared a statement to the public that Aadhar card PVC online /plastic Aadhar card is not at all mandatory but only a facile downloaded copy of any paper will be considered as valid.

Why most of the people are still preferring to go for it?

  • Aadhar card PVC online is a plastic type of card which looks like the debit card.
  • These cards do not break easily and don’t get damaged with water either.
  • They are impermeable and long lasting.
  • PVC is a tough material which is used to make debit/credit cards etc.

When these rumors, People at the Aadhar enrollment centers and other certified agents are charging from Rs 50 to 200/- for printing of a single PVC card. However, the government is benighted of such issues.

But if you seriously require one then you can apply at the neighboring enrollment offices or agents present at your place.

The process is easy. Many of the enrollment centers in the city will charge you at a minimal price to print your Aadhar card on PVC material.

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How to get a duplicate aadhar card online | eaadharcard.org

Apply for aadhar card | duplicate aadhar card | aadhar card lost 

Aadhar is a 12-digit unique identification (UID) number which is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) in the personal interest of the Government of India to all the individual resident, citizen of India for the purpose of establishing the unique identity for every single person.

duplicate aadhar card

Aadhar Card has become mandatory for the many services and is now become the part of day to day life, following are some of the areas where is has become mandatory:

  • Driving License.
  • Sim Card.
  • University Degree.
  • Railway Ticket Booking.
  • EPF Pension.
  • PAN Card.
  • Income Tax Filing.
  • Passport
  • Opening a bank account
  • Digital life certificate
  • Monthly pension
  • Voter card linking
  • Digital Locker
  • Provident Fund
  • Scholarships
  • Aadhaar based Direct Benefit Transfer (LPG Subsidy)
  • Jan Dhan Yojana

Many a times there comes a situation when we lose our important documents which are beneficial for our day to day life one such document is Aadhar Card. In case if you have lost Aadhar card there is a way through which you can get a duplicate Aadhar card, for this you will have to either visit nearest Aadhar Update Center or send your Aadhar Update request through Post for update your data in Aadhar.

Follow the steps to get your Aadhar data updated using offline (by post)method:

  • Firstly make a visit to Aadhar Card update portal by clicking this link here
  • Now Click on Download Form
  • Note: Check out the instruction given by UIDAI for residents who will be sending the update request by post, follow the link
  • All the details should be filled in capital letters only(mandatory). Make sure you only give your current working mobile number as it is compulsory.
  • All the information you want to get updated whether it is your name, address, Date of Birth or other such documents, you are required to add self-attested photocopies of the documents.
  • You are required to fill the form in English as well as in the local language which you used during the time of your enrollment of Aadhar card at Aadhar centre.
  • You are required to write on each document your 12 digits Aadhar number that was issued to you by UIDAI.
  • Then set all the details in an envelope and seal it properly using sticky adhesive. In clear big letters mention “Aadhar Update/Correction” on the envelope and make sure it should be properly readable.
  • Now, all your work has been completed and you are just required to post the envelope.
  • The address where you can post the document is given below:
    1. UIDAI Post-Box 10,Chhindwara,Madhya Pradesh-480001, India
    2. UIDAI Post-Box 99,Banjara Hills,Hyderabad-500034, India
  • Then you will receive message of the update request receipt when it is received.
  • For the update of your mobile number, the notification for the update will be sent to the registered mobile number.

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How to download lost aadhar card? | eaadharcard.org

Aadhar card lost | apply for aadhar card | Download lost aadhar card 

Is your Aadhaar Card Missing? Don’t panic. If your Aadhaar Card is missing, then you would be happy to know that it has become increasingly easy to get it back.The duplicate AADHAAR card has same validity as the original one.To retrieve the lost Aadhaar ID online, your Aadhaar details must have correctly be filled. It is necessary because you will receive ‘OTP’ (One-time password) which will be used to help you retrieve your Aadhaar.

download lost aadhar card

If you do not know your Aadhaar number and also do not have the acknowledgement slip with you that was give to you at the time of registration, follow the following process mentioned below to try and download lost aadhar card.

If you have lost your Aadhaar card enrollment ID and also don’t know your Aadhaar number, you can get the Aadhaar card by following these steps to download lost aadhar card.

  • Visit the Official site
  • Select appropriate option, aadhar no. Or Enrollment Under the section “You want to receive your lost”.
  • Enter your full name.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter your registered Mobile Number.
  • Now, enter the security code as displayed and click on “Generate OTP” button.
  • The OTP will be delivered to your registered mobile number and/or email address.
  • Now in the box, mention the OTP you received on your mobile.
  • Now, click on verify your OTP.
  • You will receive a message on your registered mobile no with your Aadhaar card enrollment ID as per your step 2.
  • Now visit here
  • Select valid option under “I have” Enrollment ID or Aadhaar no.
  • Now enter your Aadhaar card no. Or Enrollment ID, full name, Pin code, security text and mobile number.
  • Click on “Get OTP”
  • The OTP will be delivered to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP you received on your mobile no under “Enter OTP” box and click on Validate and Download.
  • Now you can download your E-Aadhaar card, enter your Pin code as the password when you open the PDF document.
  • Now you get your E-Aadhaar card which you can print out.

You can also contact UIDAI through toll free and find out your Aadhaar card information by providing them your demographic information such as your name, address, DOB, mobile no. Etc. You can talk directly to the UIDAI representative about your lost card. They will assist you and help you in sending another aadhaar card at your registered postal address and also SMS you the Aadhaar number to your registered phone no.

You can also visit your nearby Aadhaar card regional office regarding your lost card along with all the required documents you’ve submitted originally to the office.

However, if you have lost your Aadhaar card enrollment slip, getting your new Aadhaar card may be a bit difficult, as there is no online system in place at the moment to get a new one without Aadhaar card enrollment slip.

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How to check aadhar card status online tamilnadu? | eaadharcard.org

Check Aadhar card status | apply for aadhar card | aadhar card status check online Tamilnadu

Coming from Chennai if you wish to verify your Aadhaar card status check online in Tamil Nadu or anywhere else in India then visit the Aadhar’s official website, UIDAI to check whether your Aadhaar card has been generated or not.

aadhar card status check online tamilnadu

In India, be Tamil Nadu or any other state, providing facility of Aadhaar card status check online tamilnadu is no more difficult on UIDAI’s official website. Have a look at the easiest Aadhaar Card status checking procedure being mentioned below.

  • Keep ready in hands the enrollment slip or 14 digit EID (enrollment ID) of it, enrollment timing and enrollment date.
  • Go to legally official website of UIDAI, click here and click on Check Aadhaar Status’.

Or you can also try this method

You can also tap on the link, Click here to check by reaching directly on web page to check the status of your recently enrolled Aadhaar.

  • Enter the 14 digit EID in the box given while the time and date of enrollment in another, copying from enrollment slip.
  • Provide the security code displayed in another box.
  • Now tap on box, “Check Status”.

Following the procedure mentioned above now you can go for Aadhaar card status check online in or out of Tamil Nadu easily. Now question arises can we retrieve enrollment ID (EID) that has been misplaced somewhere else. Is it possible we can retrieve our respective EID for the Aadhaar card status check online tamilnadu? The answer is ‘yes’ provided you have your mobile number registered with you.

How to Retrieve Lost EID for Aadhaar Card?

Checking the status of a newly generated Aadhaar card even more than 60 days after has got to make you anxious provided you have lost enrollment slip or EID. But you can retrieve even the lost EID and hence can make easily the Aadhaar Card Status Check Online in tamilnadu, taking the following steps.

  • Go to the Home page of UIDAI and tap on “Aadhaar Card Status”.
  • Click on retrieve EID/UID” on visiting the ‘Check Aadhaar Status’ page,
    or you can go to directly on the respective page by tapping here Select anyone option from EID and UID.
  • Type your name used in Aadhaar enrollment.
  • Fill your mobile number or email registered/enrolled with Aadhaar.
  • Fill the security code, provided in another box.
  • Click on “Send OTP”. One time password (OTP) would be delivered on your registered mobile number or the email address.
  • Enter respective one time password (OTP) and click on “Verify OTP”. 

Smart Card Status Online : Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System (TNPDS) is converting all the existing ration cards to smart rations cards.Tamil Nadu government has now launched set up e-smart ration card schema to take the existing system to the next level. Government will automatically convert old ration card into the e-smart cards. The online applications for smart ration cards are received in the official website of tnpds.gov.in. We can check the smart card status online.The smart ration cards are available on the official TNPDS website. You can also download and print the e-smart ration card from TNPDS website.

Comment below if you have any queries regarding Aadhar Card Status check Online Tamilnadu 

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How to link Tata Docomo with aadhar card? | eaadharcard.org

Link TATA Docomo with aadhar card | apply for aadhar card | aadhar card status enquiry phone number  

Aadhar number is unique 12 digit number which is now compulsory for most of the things now. Following the of the Government of India, (DOT) the Department of  Telecommunication has explained to all the Indian telecom operators to link and verify all mobile numbers with their Aadhar card. Enriching of Aadhaar card number to the mobile number will help in shrinking of spurious sims and will give extra visage and protection to customers.

link TATA Docomo with aadhar card

Registering of the Mobile Number with Aadhaar Card is one of the most asked question by many individuals around us. You may know the importance of Aadhaar as now it is becoming into the official identity of each Indian citizen.

According to the Government regulations, it is important for all citizens to link their mobile number with Aadhaar card on or before 31st March 2018. Now the verification could be done by visiting respective network provider’s official store.

So follow the steps below to link your Aadhar with TATA docomo number:

Documents Needed for linking TATA Docomo with aadhar card

  • Aadhaar Card Copy Of SIM Card Owner & Its Number
  • Active Mobile With Active SIM Card

Step 1:

First and foremost get your connection re-verified at the nearest Tata Docomo Store. For this you will have to visit your nearest Tata Docomo centre or any retailer store which gives this service with your Aadhar Card and cellphone phone with the sim card for receiving One Time Password or OTP on your registered mobile number. It is crucial to note that this process is absolutely free so  if anyone asks you for the money in regard to this service you can call to the Tata Docomo Customer Care Number.

Step 2:

Secondly, when you will reach the store, the store executive will request you to tell your mobile number that you want to link with Aadhar card. Provide your number, and then they will send you an OTP (one-time password) on your number. Give this OTP to the store executive it is of 4 or 6 digits.

Step 3:

Thirdly, the executive will request you for biometrics process in which you will have to put your finger or thumb on fingerprint scanner verification machine. They may also ask you for the 12 digit Aadhar card number. Following this procedure your biometric verification is done, and within 24hrs you will be receiving a confirmation SMS on your mobile number saying your Aadhaar Number has been successfully linked to your Tata Docomo Connection.

Easy Steps to link TATA Docomo with aadhar card:

  1. Visit Nearest Store or Retailer of Vodafone.
  2. Ask to link Aadhar with Vodafone Number.
  3. Submit your Mobile Number.
  4. Submit OTP Received on Mobile Number.
  5. Submit Aadhaar Card Number.
  6. Do the Biometric Fingerprint Verification by Scanning Fingerprint.
  7. That’s it. TATA DOCOMO Aadhar Link Completed.

This was all about the linking of Aadhar card number with TATA Docomo, the same goes for all the other operators as well.

Comment below if you have any queries regarding how to link TATA Docomo with aadhar card. 

How to Change Date of Birth in aadhar card ? | eaadhar card.org

Change date of birth in aadhar card is not as uncomplicated as changing the address or mobile number. Change date of birth in aadhar card means making amendment in the date as appeared in your Aadhar it is not a tycoon. You should have a valid proof of you date of birth on the basis of which change in the Aadhar can be made.

change date of birth in aadhar card

But if full date is wrong in the DOB then its a request first you approach a good lawyer who can help you in making an affidavit but there also you will have to provide a legal proof to your lawyer. On all matters – weather personal and professional date of birth has legal impact on all of these. Situation has become more rigorous after enactment of Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969. Same holds adept for change of your name and father’s name. On a unclouded side, one has various choices for change of spouse but not change of parents name.

 Ways to change date of birth in aadhar card:

  • Online
  • Via Post
  • Via Enrollment Center

Best and most easiest way to Change/Update Name & Date Of Birth in Aadhar Card is Online.

1. Online Method:

In this method you need to get your mobile number to be registered with your aadhar number. If you have your number registered move forward go through and read on the steps or else choose the offline method.

  1. Go to the link here
  2. Enter your Aadhar number and captcha verification in the space provided and then click SEND OTP.
  3. Now you will receive an OTP number on your registered mobile number. Now enter the OTP number in the space provided for. If there is any verification text to be entered then enter it and proceed.
  4. Select “DATE OF BIRTH (DOB)” option.
  5. After this select the language.
  6. Next Upload all the relevant documents.

Once Uploading of the documents, next select BPO service provider and hit submit request button. Now you will receive URN number. Remember to note down the URN number. This number can be used for tracking the status of your update request in future.

You can track your update status here

You can change/update Name, Address, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile Number and Email ID through this method.

2. Offline Method (BY POST):

Step 1: Firstly Download the form by visiting this link here

Step 2: Secondly take a print out of the form and fill out all the details and mark tick on the box of Date of Birth for correction. You can also tick other boxes in the field for Update/Change for other changes. Next sign the form.

Step 3: Thirdly attach self attested copies of relevant documents and mention your Aadhar number and mobile number on the copies.

Step 4: Now send the filled form along with the supporting documents through Speed Post to:

UIDAI, Post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034, India.

3. Enrollment Center Method:

You will have to visit the nearby Enrollment Centre along with your Aadhar card and other necessary supporting documents. Fill in all the details in the form, Sign the form, attach the documents and follow the instructions.

You have to go to any Aadhaar Enrollment center and request for updation of details.
You need to provide a proper proof of Date-Of-Birth and pay the requisite updation fees (Rs. 30/- as on 20th March 2018).
The allowed documents that are accepted for proof of DOB are :

  • Birth Certificate
  • SSLC Book/Certificate
  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Mark sheet issued by any Govt. Board or University
  • Photo ID Card / Photo ID Card issued by PSU containing DOB
  • Central/State Pension Payment Order
  • Certificate of DOB issued by Group A Gazetted Officer on letterhead.
  • Central Govt. Health Service Scheme Photo card

Refer the given link below for more information: Click here

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Why it is important to link UAN with aadhar card? | eaadharcard.org

What is UAN (Universal Account Number)?

A 12 digit unique number given by EPFO to its members is UAN (Universal Account Number). For each of the PF (Provident Fund) Account Number at EPFO a universal account number(UAN) is generated. No two EPF comrade can have the same UAN. This UAN number remains alike even with the advancement of the job. Because of this UAN, you can handily deport your EPF balance in case of change in job. If you don’t know have your UAN, you can contact your employer. To enjoy the benefits of the UAN, you have to activate your UAN. This activation is done through the UAN member portal. After your UAN activation, you can easily check your EPF balance through the UAN.Link UAN with Aadhar Card

UAN acts as a brolly for the various Member ID’s apported to an individual by diverse establishments. UAN advocates linking of number of  EPF Accounts allotted to a single member, by which members can see into details of all their EPF Accounts from a single Login. EPFO also introduced auto-transfer facility of previous EPF Account to new EPF Account when a new Member ID is linked to a UAN.

How do I know that UAN is linked to aadhar card ?

  • Go to the EPFO Official website
  • Click on the “KYC Updation (Member)” button in the top right corner of the window.
  • Now you are at here
  • Login here using your UAN number and password.
  • Under the “Manage” tab, you will find “CONTACT DETAILS” and “KYC” in the drop down menu.
  • Click on “KYC”.
  • Now, you can see it in the “Approved KYC” section at the bottom of the page.

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has made it compulsory for its users to link UAN with Aadhar card. This linking will require them to verify their PF balance, submit claims and withdraw funds online through the EPF member portal. The last date to link UAN with Aadhar card is 31st March, 2018.

This step will help in eradicating duplexity of accounts, the digital signature of accounts will not be needed at the time of moving of the  accounts and no attestation of the employer will be required at the time of withdrawal. The simplest method to link UAN with Aadhar card is by visiting the EPF member portal, logging in to your account and updating your e-KYC details.

Benefits of link UAN with Aadhar card

  • Individuals can update their nomination online multiple number of times if UAN is linked with their Aadhar.
  • Downloading of passbook becomes easy you just need to login to the Member Portal by your UAN and password. Then go to the menu ‘Download’ and select ‘Download Passbook’. There is a link given to download PDF of this passbook also.
  • Linking of multiple accounts is now an easy task.
  • Hassle free updation of EPF account.
  • Editing of your personal details on UAN card.
  • Download your UAN card.

Comment below if you have any queries regarding link UAN with aadhar card 

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