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One of the biggest reason behind disputes of property for many years was the vague titles of land. Manual records written were improperly documented mentioned that land plot passes number of hands through the years and the lines mutate hard to track and check which becomes the reason behind the cause of  problems between various, owners and legal hires.

So, e-registration is a reformist attempt. For the very first time The Land Registration Act of 2002 introduced, supplant the traditional terms which is laid out in the last Act of 1925. E-registration was made mandatory in 2015.

link aadhar card to property registration

Aadhar Card sets priority over traditional methods of identity verification

Considering current results, it is now possible to link your aadhar to the e-registration websites of number of authorities confirming your identity and also used for number of transactions where the property title does not get transferred such as the license agreement and leave agreement,” Ajay Bhushan Pandey, CEO, (UIDAI)  Unique Identification Authority of India stated and said.

Once Aadhar card is linked, then you don’t have to wait longer and for registering have to visit the registrar to register your property, keep a tab or make changes to the property you own.

It would be possible to get it registered from the comfort of your homes. As for the two witnesses required while you register your property, their biometric information can also be ascertained to make it convenient and transparent at the same time.

Property Registration Act Amendment

Post demonetization, RERA and GST, the Indian government is frolicking smartly. According to the latest announcement made by Indian Express, the government wish to amend Section 32 and 32 A of the Registration Act where each and every person will have to undergo Aadhar registration without failing of documents to the sub-registrar of the state.

Arun Jaitley ,Finance Minister said, “We need to set an example to create a deterrent against use of anonymous people to hide ill-gotten wealth, amid some politicians and their family members coming under the scanner for alleged ‘benami’ deals. He further added, “This is the right time to confiscate properties of those who use other people to convert unaccounted wealth into white.”

Considering the high authorities performing work under the Aadhar card for registration process, the expected buyers and sellers are supposed to have a valid Aadhar number before property registration.

The procedure of link aadhar card to property registration has already started on the flight basis across the country in all states. According to this system, the local authority would cross-check the status of the proprietorship documents that are given via online systems and number of other documents required to be lined up with the unique Aadhar number.

Now all the sub-registrar offices are connected to the Aadhar server, which makes it simple for registrar to get back important information at the time of property registration.

Link Aadhar card to property registration is done by registration using a biometric technique and the property is then directly transferred to the buyer by entering their biometric details and unique ID .

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