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How to change the photo on Aadhar card?

Aadhar card is a mandatory document everyone should hold as a citizen of India. The government of India’s almost all the schemes and services including education are needed to be linked with Aadhar card as a part of authentication of individual.

Aadhar card Updation / Correction

There are many cases where people ignore about the mistakes in Aadhar card such as spelling mistakes, change of address, incorrect mobile number etc. But such errors or lack of actual information in Aadhar card can be sorted easily. One of them is change the photo on Aadhar card which many of you might be happy with and long to change. If you want to update or change your Aadhar card picture then the here’s modus operandi under updation of Aadhar will help you get stored your latest beautiful picture on Aadhar card. So remove all kinds of stress and tension of how to change or update photo on Aadhar card as the webpage you’ve visited is confined to sharing the trick of changing photo on Aadhar but not online under self service of Aadhar.

Can we change the photo on Aadhar card online ?

No. Nobody can ever change their photo online because photo is clicked and stored on the basis of biometric information which you will have to verify by visiting the local enrolment centre with your Aadhar number.  So despite being holding the right to change your photo on Aadhaar card as a part of Aadhar updation you cannot change your photo online under self-service.

change the photo on aadhar card

How to change the photo on Aadhar card?

There are two ways or procedures to change Aadhar card photo. First is Offline Update while the second one is Online.

Offline Aadhar Updation

Under the offline Aadhaar updation you will have to fill up a form and post it to the UIDAI, Head quarter enclosing Xerox copy of Aadhaar card and another document substantiating your photo and desired information you want to feed on Aadhaar card.

  • Download the Aadhar update form from the UIDAI website . You will have to fill it and apply for correction via letter with a new image.
  • The new corrected image should be duly attested with a copy of photo id enclosed. A Xerox copy of issued Aadhar card is also required. You will have to send these to the UIDAI to get the new reissued Aadhar card. This process also takes 15-30 days.

Online Aadhar Updation

Under this service the Aadhar you will have to appear in person at nearest local UIDAI centre with your Aadhar card/number. Fill a form and pass through biometric process viz. facial image, IRIS and fingerprints. You will have to pay updation fees i.e. Rs 15 for updation of desired information including changing the Aadhar photo. After successful updation you will have to wait 15-30 days to download new updated Aadhar card of yours.

If you have any queries regarding how to change the photo on aadhar card

If you want to update aadhar card details then you can do it easily by following simple steps.

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