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[Simple Steps] How to verify aadhar card by name? |

Aadhar card verification | Verify aadhar card by name 

Verification or in other words Aadhar Card verification is the method of verifying the existence of your Aadhaar card or  Aadhar number. Aadhaar card verification can easily be done online through the official UIDAI website. The verification can be done by submitting your 12 digit unique UIDAI not only issues Aadhaar card to the citizens of India but it also maintains details of each and every Aadhaar card holder in India. One can easily verify their Aadhar card after they have registered for the Aadhaar card and have received the Aadhaar card number.
verify aadhar card by name

Why do you need to verify Aadhar card by name?

As it is important to verify your Aadhaar card in order to ensure that your Aadhaar number has been issued and have validity, One can also update any personal information while verifying Aadhaar card. The gender, age and the state to which the card holder belongs will be displayed at the time of verification of Aadhaar. The card holder can immediately contact UIDAI if there is any inaccuracy in the information presented. The owner of the card can call on the toll-free number or send me an email to contact UIDAI.

Process to Verify Aadhaar card by name

Through UIDAI website portal it is possible to verify your Aadhaar card online hassle free. It is necessary that you have your Aadhar number in order to verify your Aadhar card. Following are the steps through which any resident of India can verify their Aadhar card online.

  • Visit the official UIDAI website.
  • Choose the option “Aadhaar services” present at the bottom of the page.
  • Choose the option “Aadhaar Verification” presents on the page.
  • The link will redirect you to the Resident Portal of UIDAI or the Aadhaar Kiosk.
  • Choose the option “Verify Aadhaar”.
  • Enter your 12 digit unique Aadhaar number in the space provided.
  • Once you’ve entered your Aadhaar number, enter the security code.
  • Now choose the option “Submit”.

The page will display details of your Aadhaar card if it exists once you submit the online form. It will also let you know whether your Aadhaar card has been issued or not.

How to Check If Your Aadhaar Card Is Deactivated

  • Log in to the official website 
  • Click ‘Verify Aadhaar Number’ under the ‘Aadhaar Services’ tab on the homepage.
  • Verify your Aadhaar by entering the 12-digit Aadhar card number and the security code.
  • Click on ‘Verify’ to know if your Aadhar card is valid or deactivated. If a green tick appears then your Aadhaar card has not been deactivated

How to re-verify your Aadhaar card if it is deactivated?

  • Visit the nearest Aadhaar Card enrollment centre with all relevant documents required.
  • Fill in the Aadhaar update form for a fee of Rs.25.
  • Get your biometrics verified and provide a valid mobile number.
  • The updating will be done and your Aadhaar card will be activated once the data provided is verified by authorities

By following these steps you can easily verify aadhar card by name, We have tried to here to explain steps how to verify aadhar card by name, how to re verify aadhar card if it is deactivated.

Comment below if you have any queries regarding how to verify aadhar card by name    

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How to find Aadhar card center?

Wondering how to find Aadhar card center? well, you don’t have to wonder anymore now! Here you will get answers to all of your queries related to Aadhar card center. If you haven’t applied for Aadhar card yet, it’s time to get it. You can apply for Aadhar card both offline and online. To enroll offline you need to visit the nearest center from you. In this article, we will tell you How to find Aadhar card center.

Follow the steps given below to find Aadhar card center –

  • First of all visit UIDAI official website ““.
  • Go to the “Aadhar online services” and click on “locate Enrolment center“.
  • A new page in a new tab will be open and the page will help you in searching for the enrolment center.
  • Further, you have to enter the state, district, pin code and enter the locality in which you are searching for the enrolment center and click on the search button.
  • The address of the center along with the details of the contact person, contact number of the center, Enrolment start date, and closing date. you can also schedule your convenient date and time as pre-booking.
  • After the details of the center display, go ahead and visit the enrolment center.
aadhar card center

aadhar card center

Documents to carry while visiting Enrollment center or Aadhar card center –

Don’t forget to carry all the documents such as residential address proof, voter id, dob certificate and driving license. By keeping all these documents handy, it will help you in avoiding unnecessary delays or problems in the process of enrollment.

This unique data will help you get identified in the future. All the details will be collected from you and will be cross-checked by the officers present at the enrolment center for ensuring accuracy. once the processing time gets over your Aadhar card will be sent to you by post within 3 months.



Aadhar card verification

Aadhar card verification is needed to ensure the validity of the card and also to make sure that if the card has been issued or not. At the time of verification process, you can also update any of the details online. Aadhar card is one of the most important documents that you need for various services. Aadhar card is your unique identity which contains all your relevant information like biometric and demographic details along with personal details. once you have applied for Aadhar card at a center near you, The UIDAI issues a 12 digit unique identification number that would work as a proof of identity and address. once you get this Aadhar, you have to get your Aadhar card verification done.


Aadhar card verification by Aadhar number –

Aadhar card verification is the process of verifying the existence of your Aadhar card. The verification can be done by submitting the 12 digit Aadhar number. UIDAI has made it possible to verify your Aadhar card online without any issues through its official website. The Gender, age group and the state to which cardholder belongs will be displayed at the time of the verification of the Aadhar, The cardholder can immediately contact UIDAI if they find any inaccuracy in their Aadhar card. You can either call the Toll-Free number or send an email to contact UIDAI.

Follow the steps given below for Aadhar card verification by Aadhar number –

aadhar card verification

aadhar card verification

  • Visit the official website of UIDAI.
  • Select the option “Aadhar Services” given at the bottom of the page.
  • Now select “Aadhar verification” present on the page.
  • The link will redirect you to the resident portal of UIDAI.
  • Choose the option“Verify Aadhar”.
  • Enter your 12 digits Aadhar number.
  • Once you have entered your Aadhar number, Enter the security code.
  • Choose the option“submit.”
  • Your Aadhar card will be displayed if it exists.

This can be used every time when you need to “Verify Aadhar card number”.

Note: An error message will be displayed if your Aadhar card Number is not valid.