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How to check aadhar card status online tamilnadu? |

Check Aadhar card status | apply for aadhar card | aadhar card status check online Tamilnadu

Coming from Chennai if you wish to verify your Aadhaar card status check online in Tamil Nadu or anywhere else in India then visit the Aadhar’s official website, UIDAI to check whether your Aadhaar card has been generated or not.

aadhar card status check online tamilnadu

In India, be Tamil Nadu or any other state, providing facility of Aadhaar card status check online tamilnadu is no more difficult on UIDAI’s official website. Have a look at the easiest Aadhaar Card status checking procedure being mentioned below.

  • Keep ready in hands the enrollment slip or 14 digit EID (enrollment ID) of it, enrollment timing and enrollment date.
  • Go to legally official website of UIDAI, click here and click on Check Aadhaar Status’.

Or you can also try this method

You can also tap on the link, Click here to check by reaching directly on web page to check the status of your recently enrolled Aadhaar.

  • Enter the 14 digit EID in the box given while the time and date of enrollment in another, copying from enrollment slip.
  • Provide the security code displayed in another box.
  • Now tap on box, “Check Status”.

Following the procedure mentioned above now you can go for Aadhaar card status check online in or out of Tamil Nadu easily. Now question arises can we retrieve enrollment ID (EID) that has been misplaced somewhere else. Is it possible we can retrieve our respective EID for the Aadhaar card status check online tamilnadu? The answer is ‘yes’ provided you have your mobile number registered with you.

How to Retrieve Lost EID for Aadhaar Card?

Checking the status of a newly generated Aadhaar card even more than 60 days after has got to make you anxious provided you have lost enrollment slip or EID. But you can retrieve even the lost EID and hence can make easily the Aadhaar Card Status Check Online in tamilnadu, taking the following steps.

  • Go to the Home page of UIDAI and tap on “Aadhaar Card Status”.
  • Click on retrieve EID/UID” on visiting the ‘Check Aadhaar Status’ page,
    or you can go to directly on the respective page by tapping here Select anyone option from EID and UID.
  • Type your name used in Aadhaar enrollment.
  • Fill your mobile number or email registered/enrolled with Aadhaar.
  • Fill the security code, provided in another box.
  • Click on “Send OTP”. One time password (OTP) would be delivered on your registered mobile number or the email address.
  • Enter respective one time password (OTP) and click on “Verify OTP”. 

Smart Card Status Online : Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System (TNPDS) is converting all the existing ration cards to smart rations cards.Tamil Nadu government has now launched set up e-smart ration card schema to take the existing system to the next level. Government will automatically convert old ration card into the e-smart cards. The online applications for smart ration cards are received in the official website of We can check the smart card status online.The smart ration cards are available on the official TNPDS website. You can also download and print the e-smart ration card from TNPDS website.

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How to check ration card status by aadhar card |

Ration cards are utilized by numerous families to get the sustenance grains and fuel at a financed rate. It additionally fills in as a proof of personality and addresses like different records, for example, VISA and PAN cards. There have been occurrences where an individual acquires more than once proportion card denying other meriting individuals. To battle such occurrences, the Government of India chose to connect Ration cards with a person’s Aadhaar card. As Aadhaar is a unique number distinguishing proof having biometric of people, it will stop the occurrences where people get numerous ration cards.

ration card status by aadhar card

How to link Aadhar card by Ration card?

To link your Aadhar card by Ration card, follow the steps below:

Through Online Mode:

  • To start with you need to open the Official Website of “Aadhar Seeding” (Also Known as an e-Aadhar area of the UIDAI Portal.)
  • At that point click On “Start Now” Button and enter your Full Address, State, and District Details.
  • Select the Option of “RATION CARD”.
  • Keeping in mind the end goal to Link your Ration Card with Aadhar Enter Ration Card and Aadhar Details with Mobile Number and Email ID.
  • You will notify by an OTP. Enter the OTP for Captcha code verification.
  • After this Process, your application procedure was successful.

This implies this Your Application is accepted by Officials and is In Verification Mode. Once they verify than your Ration Card will Link to Your Aadhar Card.

Through Offline Mode:

  • Initially Collect Your Family Member’s Aadhar Card’s and Ration Card’s Photo Copies.
  • If you haven’t connected your Aadhar with Bank you have to Submit Bank Passbook Photocopy.
  • Also carry a passport sized photograph of the head of the family and all these documents need to be submitted at the ration Office.
  • When it will be confirmed by the Authorities and Ration office, you will be told by SMS or email about your Linking Status.

Check your Ration card status by Aadhar card

In the event that the Ration provider declines to give you proportion on a misrepresentation that your Ration card has not been connected up with your Aadhaar card then you should check your Ration card status by Aadhaar card number of yours. A family is issued new Ration card after its Ration card account being connected up with Aadhaar card. This enables you to check the Ration card status by Aadhaar card number.

  • Visit this link here
  • Then, Enter Aadhar Number of your or Family Member Aadhar.
  • Fill NFS application ID.
  • Enter new Ration card Number if issued.
  • Enter your old Ration card Number.
  • Then, hit the search button.

In this way you can see the details of ration card status by Aadhar card Number.

Benefits of Linking Aadhaar with Ration Card

The connecting of Aadhaar and Ration Card can be advantageous in the following ways –

  • It will reduce the number of fake Ration Card holders who are enjoying subsidies which are otherwise meant for the below poverty line (BPL) families.
  • False exercises can be anticipated after Aadhaar is connected with Ration Card.
  • The biometric-enabled distribution system would help PDS shops distinguish the real recipients and streamline the advantages in like manner.
  • Aadhaar makes a review trail in the Public Distribution System, hence recognizing and eliminate degenerate agents and including effectiveness in the structure.

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If you forgot to link aadhar card to LIC then hurry up its deadline is approaching , follow the simple steps and get it linked.  

[Simple steps] Aadhar card search by name |

The government of India (UIDAI) provides a unique identification number to all Indians residents which is popularly known as Aadhar Card. So If you have applied for a new Aadhar card and did not received it then you can check your Aadhar card status to find out it has been processed or is in under processing.

Aadhar card search by name

So if you misplaced your Enrollment Identification Number (EID) then no need to spasm you can check it easily Online by Aadhar card search by Name & Pin Code.

  • To check the Aadhar status, you must have your enrollment ID (EID).
  • You can retrieve it here
  • Once you have retrieved it, you can check your Aadhaar Status here.

How to check your Aadhaar Card enrollment status using your Name or Date of Birth?

As of now, status enquiry is only possible with enrollment number which you have been given during the time of registration. If you have misplaced you enrollment number, you will need to contact your AADHAAR enrollment center with ID card and address proof.

You will not get status details from enrollment center, you will only get your enrollment number which can be used to check your status online.

Process to Aadhar card search by name

You can verify you Aadhar status by using your Enrollment number, Name and Date of Birth. The enrollment slip contains 14 digit enrollment numbers with date and time of enrollment. In case you forgot the Enrollment Number or it is misplaced, you should contact the Aadhar card centre with your ID proof.

  • Go to the official website  .
  • Enter your 14 digits Enrollment Id and date and time of enrolment.
  • And then, enter the captcha shown in the image box, in the space mentioned.
  • Enter the security code and click check status button.
  • The status of Aadhaar card will be shown on the next page.

Online Aadhar Status by EID and Name

To verify Aadhar Status Online by name follow the steps mention below:

  • Go to the Official Aadhar Enquiry page to look out for Aadhar Card current status by Name.
  • Now enter Enrollment ID along with Date and Time in a chronologically.
  • Then after that Enter Security Code according to the Captcha Image shown on the screen.
  • Now hit on Check Status button which is mentioned below.
  • Then after hitting on the Status button you will get your Aadhar Card Current Status

The main aim of issuing the unique identification number is to make sure that every single individual gets a novel identification through one single clearance window of governmental and non-governmental services in coming years. Online mechanism is the most easiest way to see the actual status of AADHAR Card is through aadhar card search by name or to trace it online, the individual are required to visit the official web site of UIDAI and click on the button of “Check AADHAR Card Status”.

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Know your payments status | PFMS |

Public Financial Management System (PFMS) is a Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System, government agencies uses this mechanism to make payments directly to the bank account of the recipients. Therefore this means that your Aadhar card is not linked to your account.

Public Financial Management System (PFMS), administered by the (Ministry of finance India) Department of expenditure.


What is PFMS?

  1. It is an end-to-end elucidation for processing payments, tracking, monitoring, accounting of all the Transaction of the Government of India for the central schemes.In India the Central Government runs via Ministries and departments located in the Central Secretariat Delhi
  2. Every Ministry is provided with a finances (Money) to work
  3. Now PMFS will allow the government to oversee and access about more than Rs.1 lakh crore of futile bankroll lying with it underneath various heads (Ministries and Departments)
  4. Simply saying,PMFS will integrate the systems and applications of all the ministries and will provide government real-time information on resource availability and utilization across schemes.

PFMS Know Your Payments

To know scholarship payment details or status, one can check by the following ways:

  • Payment by Aadhar Number
  • Payment by Account Number

Payment by Aadhar Number

Follow the below steps to know your payments:

  • Enter the aadhar card
  • Click on “Confirm Aadhar Number”
  • Enter Word Verification code
  • Fill the captcha ( letters as they are shown in the image above with Letters are not case- sensitive).
  • At last Click on the Search button.

Know Payments by Account Number

To know your payment details or status, follow the steps below:

  • Select the Bank – Enter First Few Characters Of Bank Name
  • Enter the Account Number
  • Click on Confirm Account Number (Retype your Account Number)
  • Enter Word Verification code – Enter the letters as they are shown in the image above (Letters are not case-sensitive).
  • Click on the Search button

The main objective of PFMS is to build an effective fund flow system and expenditure network. PFMS also equip various stakeholders with a reliable and meaningful management information system and an effective decision support system. Now an online payment and accounting system is being introduced through this portal for all non-plan expenditure. The payment process in PFMS starts at Programme Division level. It maneuver supplements through Drawings & Disbursing Officer to Pay & Accounts Office for shaping payment directly to bank account of beneficiary.

Controller General of Accounts has been rolled out The PFMS scheme at behest of Union Finance Ministry, Department of Expenditure. It is an electronic fund tracking mechanism compiles, collates and makes available in real-time, information regarding all government schemes. PFMS’s bounds coverage includes Central Sector and Centrally Sponsored Schemes as well as other remuneration including Finance Commission Grants.

In forthcoming era, Government aspire to revolutionize PFMS to Government-wide Integrated Financial Management System (GIFMIS) as a encyclopedic payment, receipt and accounting system.

The PFMS intent to help in complete tracking and supervising flow of funds to implementing agencies and assuring timely transfer of funds. It will aid government to ascertain actual status of utilization of funds by multiple implementing agencies of central and the state governments.

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How to check aadhar card status by name |

AADHAR is unique identification number which is issued by government of India. It is a 12 digit Phone number, which is issued to each and every individual resident of India based on their biometric and demographic data. A statutory authority, Unique Identification Authority of India holds power to collect all the data. UIDAI was deep-rooted in January 2009 by government of India. AADHAR has now become the world’s tremendous biometric ID system.

aadhar card status by name

The main aim of issuing the unique identification number is to make sure that every single individual gets a novel identification through one single clearance window of governmental and non-governmental services in coming years. Online mechanism is the easiest way to envision the actual status of AADHAR Card to trace it online, the individual are required to visit the official web site of UIDAI and click on the button of “Check AADHAR Card Status”.

It takes about 3 month (90 days approx) to receive AADHAR card after the enrollment of the same at AADHAR card kiosk. Previously, there was no orderliness to check Aadhar card status by name. Now, government has made many efforts and developed a mechanism so that anyone at any place can check the Aadhar card status by name and download it online if it is ready.

There is also the mode by which one can get a new AADHAR card if it is misplaced and forgotten the number. Follow the below steps to receive new AADHAR card:

  • Visit Official website
  • Select fitting option, “AADHAR No (UID)” OR “Enrolment No (EID)”, under “You want to receive your lost” Enter your full name Enter your email address Enter your registered Mobile Number
  • Enter the security code as displayed and click on “Get OTP” button
  • One Time Password (OTP) will be received on your mobile and/or email address
  • In the box below, enter the OTP you just received on your mobile and/or email address
  • Click on “Verify OTP”
  • Now a message will be received on your mobile with your AADHAR card number or Enrollment Id as you selected in Step 2 above
  • Now visit here Select fitting option, “Enrollment”
  • Id OR “AADHAR “, under “I have”
  • Enter your AADHAR card number or Enrolment Id, full name, Pin Code, security text and mobile number
  • Click on “Get OTP”
  • One Time Password (OTP) will be received on your mobile and/or email address
  • Enter the OTP you just received on your mobile in the “Enter OTP” box and click on “Validate and Download”
  • Now you have downloaded your e-AADHAR card. Enter your Pin Code as the password when you open the PDF document
  • You now have your e-AADHAR card, which you can print out.
  • Earlier for the only way to check your Aadhar card status by name online was with your acknowledgement enrollment slip details or by phone, through SMS.

If you have acknowledgement enrollment slip you can check AADHAAR card status online here: Click here

You can also move ahead with AADHAR card download duplicate copy. For downloading Aadhar card duplicate copy, click here: Click here

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Aadhar Card status enquiry phone number | 2018 |

Aadhar card status enquiry phone number is one-touch solution to check the Aadhar Card status itself. An Aadhar Card holder can also check the status through a phone number using his/her registered mobile number. To check the status of your Aadhar Card just type: UID STATUS<14 digit Unique Aadhar Card Enrollment Number> and send it to 51969. EID stands for Enrollment Identity Number. It has 14 digit unique number representing date and time of the enrollment.

aadhar card status enquiry phone number

Aadhar card status enquiry phone number [ 1800-300-1947 ]

  • It is a toll free helpline number.
  • While on call, keep your enrollment id ready when asked by the representative.
  • You will receive all the information on the call by the representative. Ask for any assistance.
  • You should ask for the tracking id of the courier, in case the Aadhar Card is dispatched already.

Aadhar Card status enquiry through SMS

Type UID Status<14-digit enrollment number>and send it to 51969.

Downloading Aadhar card by mobile number :

  • Visit the UIDAI’s website and enter the required information like Aadhar enrollment number or Aadhar number, pin code, name, etc.
  • Very the OTP using your registered phone number.
  • Download your Aadhar Card.

Updating Aadhar Card :

You can update aadhar card by two methods which are described below :

  1. Offline :
  • You should have your registered phone number with you and it should be linked with your Aadhar Card. You will not be able to make any changes through offline if your mobile number is not linked with your Aadhar Card.
  • Now, download the application form from the UIDAI’s website
  • You will have to fill the form, attach the documents and submit it at the nearest enrollment centers.
  1. Online :
  • For online updating, you have to visit the UIDAI’s official website.
  • Check for your Aadhar Card number.
  • Verifyit using your registered mobile number.
  • To change your name, enter your new correct name as per your class 10th (Do not add Mr or Ms before your name).
  • To change address, enter your new correct address. Don’t write the address the incorrect manner.
  • For Date of Birth (DOB), according to UIDAI’s instructions, ensure that you enter the DOB in DD:MM:YYYY format.
  • To change anything else, click on your profile accordingly.
  • Download the acknowledgment slip to track your Aadhar Card status online.
  • To get the Aadhar Card status enquiry online, you must have an URN.
  • URN- It stands for Update Request Number. The Update Request Number or URN is an automatically computer generated number which is used to track Aadhar Card status through phone number or online.
  • URN is necessary to track Aadhar Card enquiry status online.
  • It is always handy to note down or save the number. If it gets lost, you wil have to get the URN once again which will be problematic.
  • You may get the Aadhar status enquiry online by contacting the Aadhar status enquiry phone number or by name also.

Aadhar card status enquiry phone number :

  • For status enquiring, visit the UIDAI’s website and click on “Aadhar Card status enquiry” online.
  • Enter all the details.
  • The status will be displayed.

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