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Are you sure that all the personal details of yours like bank account, mobile number, address, services/schemes and policies absolutely are safe with your Aadhaar card linked with government organizations?  

Aadhar number name filetype XLS

You are wide off the mark if you think so. Aadhaar linking though is projected as keeping personal details of individual confidential, the ‘Aadhaar filetype:XLS’ uploaded by the government sites on Google has falsified such type of propaganda made by the Central government. This webpage is divulging how Aadhaar Card linking with government portals has rendered all the personal details of individuals visible on Google, exhorting the unscrupulous elements to fulfill their malicious intention catching the people unawares of their acts.

The personal details of Indian citizens, linked with variety of schemes and services via Aadhaar card is uploaded on Google in the form of Aadhaar number name filetype:XLS. But the information becomes susceptible to exploitation by hackers and frauds, catching Aadhaar card holder completely unaware of prowling menace. Onus of such problem lies on the government of India that should have taken the cognizance of serious issue and ordering the government departments to remove ‘Aadhaar number name filetype:XLS’ from their websites forthwith.

What is Aadhaar Filetype:XLS?

The Aadhaar filetype:XLS actually is an XL sheet containing personal details of Aadhaar-card-holders visible on official portals of government.  The Aadhaar’s filetype:XLS contains name, Aadhaar number, bank account, mobile number, address etc saved in Aadhaar. As Aadhaar has become a mandatory document everyone in India is urgently required to link their Aadhaar with almost all the services they have like banking, subsidy, mobile, health treatment, passport, education, etc. The service providing companies after linking Aadhaar of consumers/customers with services upload the file on internet, known as Aadhaar number name filetype:XLS that can be accessed by anyone else from any part of the world. Aadhaar card in India presently has become a much talked about document compelling everyone to know a lot about Aadhaar card and its advantage. It is the keyword related Aadhaar card that provides accessibility directly to the ‘Aadhaar number name filetype:XLS’. If the searcher is not a journalist, government official or researcher then he may use the details of ‘Aadhaar number name filetype:XLS’.

What does XLS files Contain?

All the XLS files visible on Google contain Aadhaar Number, bank account, bank’s IFSC code, mobile number, E mail, etc posing risk to the privacy of subscribers.

Is Aadhaar Not Secure?

Personal details of Aadhaar card holders linked to different official websites is uploaded that can easily be accessed on Aadhaar number name filetype:XLS.  So the privacy of Aadhaar-bearers is no more safe with all the personal details of theirs being uploaded on Google by government authorities despite government’s relentless assurance from different public forums that Aadhaar card is completely safe and secure revealing nothing confidential.

Had Aadhaar number name filetype:xls been confined only up to the official database of government departments or companies the issue of breach of privacy wouldn’t have emerged raising question over the credibility of the Government. But accessibility to the ‘Aadhaar number name filetype:XLS’ on Google with Aadhaar related keywords has stunned everyone in India triggering hues and cried in the country. Everyone is fearing lest their confidential details should be misused for fraud by unscrupulous elements of the society which keep prowling on internet as personal information of anyone else can easily be accessed through the Aadhaar number name filetype:XLS’.

How Aadhaar filetype:XLS Can be Accessed

On typing ‘Aadhaar filetype:XLS’ or ‘Aadhaar number name filetype:XLS’ on Google we come across several websites containing personal details of Aadhaar card holders like Aadhaar number, phone number, address, bank accounts, IFSC code of bank, so on and so forth on the XL sheets, identified as ‘Aadhaar filetype:XLS’. These files are uploaded on website that paves the way for online accessibility risking the privacy. In other words, by producing Aadhaar the people authenticate their identity and are allowed to continue with the services. But the service providers instead of keeping details of customers secret rather disclose it by uploading on their official website the XL sheets recognized by Google as Aadhaar filetype:XLS. So anyone else can access the file type XLS linked Aadhaar by typing Aadhaar number and name of target of search

Is Privacy at Rick with Aadhaar Filetype:XLS?

Filetype:XLS’ or Aadhaar number name filetype:XLS are the keywords which help searchers access the list of Aadhaar beneficiaries by monitoring their name, Aadhaar number, mobile number and address. The ‘Aadhaar filetype:XLS’ takes searcher straight onto the top ranking page of Google showing many websites uploaded with ‘Aadhaar filetype:XLS which contain personal details of Aadhaar bearers linked with many services and schemes. Such kind of easy accessibility to personal details of Aadhaar card holders is a matter of grave concern as it increases the chances of personal information being hacked posing threat to the privacy. Government of India’s remaining absolutely passive and taking no any action to protect Indian citizens’ privacy is serious issue of major concern. Apathy on a part of Central government for handling the serious issue of Aadhaar filetype:XLS raises a question over the credibility of Aadhaar. According to official sources the government of India has yet not officially been apprised of such serious issue. Besides, complaint regarding fraud also has not been received yet which is presumed to be the only ground of government of India’s not heeding upon the issue of Aadhaar number name filetype:XLS.

Uploading Aadhaar Filetype:XLS is Violation of Sec 29

The Aadhaar filetype: XLS sheets uploaded though may vary they contain the confidential information that is the an offence committed under section of 29 of Aadhaar Act. Section 29 of UIDAI Act deems exposing the biometrically saved details of anyone else in India an offense. So doesn’t it mean that government of India itself is an offender? Why hasn’t it yet swung into action to book sites guilty of making personal details of Aadhaar Bearers visible online against law? Had the prime minister, Narendra Modi kept his promise he had made stressing for digital-Indian and assuring the public that privacy would never be thwarted with Aadhaar.

Credit of Aadhaar Card goes to the Congress party but present regime has cashed it for political mileage without caring of its dangerous effects. Government of India defends Aadhaar card as a unique biometric card bringing in transparency. If it is so then why the Aadhaar card has yet not been linked with voting so that the citizens can exercise their franchise during the elections. The BJP government has copied Congress government’s idea but only in haste without dwelling on dangerous repercussions and attempting to find out permanent solution.

Logic behind declaring the Aadhaar card mandatory in all types of services was putting a curb on fraud, extortion and deceit bringing in this way transparency in the country. But XLS type files being uploaded on Google by none other but the government authorities itself reveals how serious the Indian government is in protecting the privacy of Indian citizens. It may be recalled that Narendra Modi had stressed upon digit India for which Aadhaar was projected as safe and secure document based on biometric information for authentication. Almost all the services like banking, subsidy, SIM/Mobile, PAN, driving licenses, insurance, policies and health were linked with Aadhaar card which plays a role of dais projecting confidential details of citizens. Isn’t it the breach of trust with privacy of India citizens being put on stake? But people yet are not aware of such prowling danger which they have got susceptible to, due only to ‘Aadhaar number name filetype:xls’ uploaded by government departments such as health, telecom, education, etc.

As the Google opens pages with websites on entering a keyword anyone else can get prompt access to the XLS type Aadhaar files linked with Aadhaar. Specific keywords used in combination with Aadhaar if searched on Google have got to take searcher straight on a page laden with official websites equipped with Aadhaar number based XLS type files opening name and associated keyword.

Searching Aadhaar linked people’s details may not be journalists or any government authority but a threat to the security of nation which must be heeded upon by the head of the state.  Some of prominent government websites uploading the details of Aadhaar card beneficiaries on ‘Aadhaar number name filetype:XLS’ include state health department, universities, technical & education department, insurance companies, etc. Let’s have a look at some sources that have made confidential details of Aadhaar beneficiaries public through the Aadhaar filetype:XLS revealing Aadhaar number, bank accounts, PAN, Mobile numbers, policies, etc without dwelling on security threat to the privacy.

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