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According to the recent report released by the Unique Identification Authority of India which declares that there are approx 40 crore Aadhaar cards that were issued to individuals within the country until August 2013. This number has increased now since the authorities had started issuing the document in 2010.

Individuals who want to authorize UIDAI the (Unique Identification Authority of India ) to disclose their Know Your Customer KYC information to service providers can do so in person via use of a OTP One Time Password or through biometric authentication. After the authentication has been completed successfully on the customer consent, then details such as the name of the resident, his / her date of birth, address, gender, email address, mobile number and photograph can be electronically provided to service providers.

Aadhar KYC

 Important information of Aadhar KYC:

The documents that are required to opening a bank account or procuring a financial product, which will result in spending a lot of time and money by the customers. Many a times they may not give the right documents or required copies, which ultimately results in a waste of time and money. Therefore, the government decided to take steps in order to make banking experience a much simpler, e-KYC has come up with a feature that is linked to their Aadhaar card. Having an Aadhar card in itself is highly beneficial. Read further, this article elaborates on Aadhaar linked e-KYC.

Aadhar KYC:

KYC is an abbreviated form for Know Your Customers and these guidelines were provided to make sure that banks are not taking undue advantage. Since a  lot of documentation is involved in receiving information about a customer’s identity and their finances, the e-KYC services make sure that these processes are made much easier and simpler.

E-KYC is connected to the customer’s Aadhaar card, financial institutions and bankscan get information about a person identity and finances via the card itself.

Benefits of Aadhar based aadhar KYC:

When users do not abide by the above process, they are required to submit an attested address proof and ID proof get an email id and mobile number verified also with in person verification. But via Aadhar based e-KYC process, they are only required to provide their Aadhaar card.

This flawless process which is paperless and is completely safe. Chances of Forgery is reduced to quite possible extent as customers now are not required to submit multiple number of  copies of all their documents, and this also abate the chances of theft, fraud, and many more illegal activities.

The method is much simpler and provides quick results.

Organizations/Institutions using aadhar KYC:

Besides financial institutions, trading accounts, stock exchanges,mutual fund houses,LPG service provides,insurance companies, stock brokers, railway authorities, and KYC registration agencies also use e-KYC.

Process of Application for aadhar KYC:

Follow the very simple and quick process to apply for e-KYC.

  • Customers will have to acquire an Aadhar card.
  • They are required to submit their approval to their bank to access data from the Central Data Repository of UIDAI.
  • Customers are required to visit their bank’s website and fill in the online application form and upload the required documents together with their photograph.
  • The (one-time password) OTP will be generated and sent to the customer’s registered mobile number which is registered with their Aadhar card.
  • Next   OTP is to be entered and then form should be submitted.
  • Now the banks will be contacting their customer for physical verification via real time video verification. This process will be known as Electronic In-Person Verification.
  • While verification, use will be asked to show their Aadhaar card or PAN card along with their bank statement for verification.
  • After their KYC is registration is done, they will receive confirmation of the samevia mail or e-mail and this status can be verified online.

Many a time customers have to sign and send a physical KYC application form.

e-KYC is a very fast, simple and suitable method that can be used by every Aadhar card holder, citizen of the country.

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