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Aadhar card status enquiry phone number is one-touch solution to check the Aadhar Card status itself. An Aadhar Card holder can also check the status through a phone number using his/her registered mobile number. To check the status of your Aadhar Card just type: UID STATUS<14 digit Unique Aadhar Card Enrollment Number> and send it to 51969. EID stands for Enrollment Identity Number. It has 14 digit unique number representing date and time of the enrollment.

aadhar card status enquiry phone number

Aadhar card status enquiry phone number [ 1800-300-1947 ]

  • It is a toll free helpline number.
  • While on call, keep your enrollment id ready when asked by the representative.
  • You will receive all the information on the call by the representative. Ask for any assistance.
  • You should ask for the tracking id of the courier, in case the Aadhar Card is dispatched already.

Aadhar Card status enquiry through SMS

Type UID Status<14-digit enrollment number>and send it to 51969.

Downloading Aadhar card by mobile number :

  • Visit the UIDAI’s website and enter the required information like Aadhar enrollment number or Aadhar number, pin code, name, etc.
  • Very the OTP using your registered phone number.
  • Download your Aadhar Card.

Updating Aadhar Card :

You can update aadhar card by two methods which are described below :

  1. Offline :
  • You should have your registered phone number with you and it should be linked with your Aadhar Card. You will not be able to make any changes through offline if your mobile number is not linked with your Aadhar Card.
  • Now, download the application form from the UIDAI’s website
  • You will have to fill the form, attach the documents and submit it at the nearest enrollment centers.
  1. Online :
  • For online updating, you have to visit the UIDAI’s official website.
  • Check for your Aadhar Card number.
  • Verifyit using your registered mobile number.
  • To change your name, enter your new correct name as per your class 10th (Do not add Mr or Ms before your name).
  • To change address, enter your new correct address. Don’t write the address the incorrect manner.
  • For Date of Birth (DOB), according to UIDAI’s instructions, ensure that you enter the DOB in DD:MM:YYYY format.
  • To change anything else, click on your profile accordingly.
  • Download the acknowledgment slip to track your Aadhar Card status online.
  • To get the Aadhar Card status enquiry online, you must have an URN.
  • URN- It stands for Update Request Number. The Update Request Number or URN is an automatically computer generated number which is used to track Aadhar Card status through phone number or online.
  • URN is necessary to track Aadhar Card enquiry status online.
  • It is always handy to note down or save the number. If it gets lost, you wil have to get the URN once again which will be problematic.
  • You may get the Aadhar status enquiry online by contacting the Aadhar status enquiry phone number or by name also.

Aadhar card status enquiry phone number :

  • For status enquiring, visit the UIDAI’s website and click on “Aadhar Card status enquiry” online.
  • Enter all the details.
  • The status will be displayed.

Comment below if you have any queries regarding how to know your status through Aadhar card status enquiry phone number.

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