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Most of the cards are printed on the plastic type of material. These plastic cards are also good enough and tough to tear or get damaged.

Differentiating the PVC and the plastic, the PVC is tougher than the plastic and durable. If you are still fascinated by the PVC card then you must visit the licensed Aadhar card agent or enrollment center.

apply for aadhar card PVC online

The Government informed in the statement that if a person is obsessed, then he can go to the neighboring authorized enrollment centers by paying Rs 30/- per one card. Anyone who charges above the mentioned rate fine will be charged.

If you find anyone charging more than the rate fixed by the government for plastic UID then you can immediately file a complaint such that UIDAI will take action and charges will be filed against that person.

Any online merchants who are collecting the public Aadhar information for printing of Aadhar card are the criminal offense punishable with imprisonment under Indian Penal Code and also Chapter VI (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016.

The above mentioned statement is given by the government for the merchants who are charging more than the rate fixed by the government.

People should not share their UIDAI details to the unauthorized people as the information is likely to be misused.

The Government ordered the vendors and online evaluation websites do not collect any UID information.

Most of the people will get their UID’s in plastic material.

Aadhar card PVC online strategy to apply for plastic Aadhar card. UIDAI precisely shared the details of information and same here it is.

Everyone is quite aware of Aadhar Card PVC online or Plastic Aadhar card which has now become popular past few days.

Fabrication in the city that government told the nation that Aadhar cards must be printed on PVC which is a kind of plastic material. Most of the people were confused and there was huge crowd at the enrollment centers regarding the issue of plastic Aadhar UID.

How to Apply For Aadhar Card PVC/Plastic online?

UIDAI declared a statement to the public that Aadhar card PVC online /plastic Aadhar card is not at all mandatory but only a facile downloaded copy of any paper will be considered as valid.

Why most of the people are still preferring to go for it?

  • Aadhar card PVC online is a plastic type of card which looks like the debit card.
  • These cards do not break easily and don’t get damaged with water either.
  • They are impermeable and long lasting.
  • PVC is a tough material which is used to make debit/credit cards etc.

When these rumors, People at the Aadhar enrollment centers and other certified agents are charging from Rs 50 to 200/- for printing of a single PVC card. However, the government is benighted of such issues.

But if you seriously require one then you can apply at the neighboring enrollment offices or agents present at your place.

The process is easy. Many of the enrollment centers in the city will charge you at a minimal price to print your Aadhar card on PVC material.

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