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Aadhar Card has become very important after demonetization. Aadhar Card is mandatory in every advantageous services. An Aadhar Card which is issued to all the Indian residents is a 12-digit unique identity number which is based on demographic and biometric data. As the government has made it mandatory to interlink Aadhar Card with all the government schemes. It has become very easy to update by aadhar card download by fingerprint scanner apk. An Aadhar Card holder should have the Aadhar Card fingerprint scanner apk on his/her android phone. It has become the necessity to update the Aadhar Card by downloading the Aadhar Card update fingerprint scanner apk.

Aadhar Card download by fingerprint

What is Aadhar Card fingerprint scanner apk?

The Aadhar Card fingerprint scanner is an app which keeps the record of individuals like name, DOB, father’s/husband’s name, age, address etc. The Aadhar Card fingerprint scanner app is very widely used app these days.It is used through a QR code generated on an android phone. It can save 3 profiles.

How to do Aadhar Card download by fingerprint scanner app?

You can download the Aadhar Card fingerprint scanner app from Google play store.

Why to download this apk?

You may ask why to download this apk? It’s simple you should download it because, the genuine identity of a person is established by biometric details viz. Iris, facial image, and fingerprints. If any emergency comes, you can make change by accessing though the password created while scanning QR code.Quick response code is called QR code. It is black shaped image on Aadhar Card.

Uses of Aadhar Card scanner app :

You can use it for mobile registration, voter ID Card, driving license, bank account, LPG subsidy, pan card, etc. Aadhar Card is completely safe and is required for the above services. The biometric data is locked and can either be open at enrollment centers or on mobile phones by downloading the fingerprint scanner apk. One major advantage of this apk is that, with this apk, you don’t need to carry your Aadhar Card everywhere as it will be saved on your phone. It also verifies the identity of a person during financial transactions. The saves the personal data by scanning the QR code of Aadhar Card.

Benefits of aadhar card download by fingerprint :

  • This apk serves as a 1-click solution. Everything will be on the touch of your finger.
  • There will be no need to always carry the Aadhar Card. Scan the fingerprint and you will have the details of your Aadhar Card.
  • It works with QR code to be used with wallet apps.
  • BHIM- a government mobile phone application, that allows a Aadhar Card holder to do financial transactions using Aadhar Card.
  • It can be used to update the profile of Aadhar Card holder.
  • It can save multiple accounts.
  • Users can unlock or lock Aadhar Card by fingerprint.
  • Stores biometric details.
  • The Aadhar Card saved in the apk can be shared easily.
  • It can be used to save details of other family members as well.
  • It can also reveal the interlinked schemes and services.

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  1. Cialischeap

    As per Government directive on kyc norms for wallet usage, PAYTM is providing option of other ID cards other then Aadhar. But evwn after entering other id card say voter id, PAYTM is again and again asking to do kyc verification via Aadhar. Anyone has any idea why PAYTM is insisting Aadhar???


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