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Unique Identification  Authority of India has come up with a facility of TOTP in aadhar Or The time-based one-time password for the purpose of effectively updating the details in the profile details in your aadhaar card or also providing features for downloading the aadhaar card on your cellphones phone(android smart phone) the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) offers a virtual programming feature officially known as mAadhaar, a mobile aadhaar app mAadhaar offers number of features like:

  • downloading profile on android smart phone
  • biometric details lock, unlock feature and
  • generation of TOTP

TOTP in aadhar

The mobile aadhar app (mAadhaar) card virtual aadhaar provides you with the facility to update changes in your profile through TOTP in aadhar. TOTP or The time-based one-time password is generated by the use of algorithm and is valid only for 30 seconds i.e. the TOTP in aadhar will expire within 30 sec from the time it is generated. The Time-based OTP is an 8-digit long numerical count.

For avoiding the conventional SMS based OTP. The most pivotal frailty weakness that is addressed by the temporary OTP’s is that user will not be dependent on mobile network for the sms delivery. The time-based one-time password or TOTP in aadhar is an exemplar of a hash-based message authentication code.

To generate the TOTP mobile application mAadhaar is used. The main use of the Time-based one-time passwords is for two-factor authentication and also for developing adoption by cloud application providers.

Apart from the TOTP in aadhar, there are a host of distinct attribute of mAadhaar, which comprise of lock unlock feature of biometric details. This can enable the biometric checking by locking biometrics data.

For the purpose of understanding, download mAadhaar android mobile application on your mobile phone. It also provides the feature to create new resident profile. You can navigate to the TOTP (temporary onetime password) page view. As soon as you receive the TOTP make sure you use it as it is valid for 30 seconds, i.e. it will expire after 30 seconds and then you will have to generate the new TOTP.

The Aadhaar card number is a compulsory Unique Identity number for every citizen of this country. The central government has made it vitally important for every citizen to link their UID Aadhaar card number to most crucial services examples: financial products, bank accounts, permanent account numbers (PAN), mutual fund schemes, phone numbers, and others.

For the time being, various petitions have been filed against the mandatory linking of Aadhaar card number with these above utilities. Because of these court issues, deadline for linking aadhar number with different schemes have been extended on various events.

The Supreme Court, extended 31 March deadline on March 14 for the purpose of linking various services to Aadhaar until it delivers its discernment on aadhaar’s constitutional validity.

Lately, the government announced the extension of the deadline to link Aadhaar card number with PAN card till June 30. Government extended the deadline for linking aadhaar to PAN fourth time.

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How to download aadhar card without enrollment number? | eaadharcard.org

Download aadhar card without enrollment number | aadhar card | aadhar card status enquiry phone number

If you are planning to download Aadhaar Card without Enrollment Number or Mobile Number and you think it is not possible, then you are totally mistaken. Yes, you are completely wrong, because government has now come up with the facility where you can download e-Aadhaar Card, Online PDF Copy without Mobile Number or Enrollment Number or even Aadhaar Number.

Unique Identification Authority of India has launched various facilities that allows the users to download the copy of their Aadhaar Card without the use of Aadhaar Enrollment Id, Mobile Number or Aadhaar Number.

download aadhar card without enrollment number

Only for the purpose of getting Download Aadhaar Card without Enrollment number or Mobile Number you are requires to follow some very  crucial steps which are mentioned below in a sequential order or step by step tutorial on Download Aadhaar Card without enrollment number or Mobile Number.

Important Step on Aadhaar Card Online Download without Enrollment Id or Mobile Number

  • The very first step to download Aadhaar Card Online is you will have to look for your Aadhaar Enrollment Id, so if you want to get your Aadhaar Enrollment Id just go to find UID/EID by going here.
  • Second step is from the first option “You want to receive your lost Aadhaar No (UID) or Enrollment No (EID)” you need to select (EID) Enrollment No and enter all the details asked in first step like personal details: Full Name, Email Id (don’t enter mobile number as you want to download Aadhaar Card without Mobile Number), enter the captcha as shown by entering correct terms as the same text which you can see in the image and click on Get OTP button.After this you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • After you receive the One Time Password (OTP) on your email id given by you, just then check your email for the OTP and enter the same OTP in the enter OTP field and click on Verify OTP.
  • Next you will receive an email containing your Aadhaar Enrollment Number.
  • From this email now you know your Aadhaar Enrollment Number, so now we come on to next step which is to download your Aadhaar Card from without Mobile Number.

For downloading e-Aadhaar. PDF File just visit Aadhaar Download site by visiting here :

  • Click on the first option “I have Enrollment Id or Aadhaar” from here choose I have Enrollment Id 
  • Click on proceed after entering the enrollment number that you received in your email.
  • Next enter full name, pin code, solve the captcha given by entering the same text shown in the image below.
  • Enter above image in the text space, enter the mobile number which you have currently and should be working because you will be receiving the one time password on the same.
  • Next click on Get One Time Password.
  • After you receive the OTP immediately enter the same received One Time Password on your new mobile number in space enter OTP field and then tap on validate & download button.
  • Next your e-Aadhaar PDF file will pop up tap to save, just select the drive or field where you wish to save your Aadhaar Card PDF File on your Computer or Laptop and tap to save it.

That’s all you have to do, you  successfully completed the steps of Download Aadhaar Card without enrollment number or Mobile Number.

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Mahaonline Ltd. aadhar card Kendra | eaadharcard.org

CSC e-Governance Services India Limited Mahaonline Limited Maha E Seva Kendra, Ambedkar Chouk Warora, Chandrapur Warora, Warora, Maharashtra – 442907. Opened On 18-May-2017.

In Mumbai, there are a large number of Mahaonline Ltd. aadhar card Kendra. This is the list of the latest and verified aadhaar card centers in Mumbai, Maharashtra State.

Mahaonline Ltd. aadhar card Kendra

People those are living in Mumbai are requested to visit Mahaonline Ltd. aadhar card Kendra and seva Kendra to enroll or register for aadhar.

In addition to enrollment and registration for a new aadhar card, these Seva Kendra centers will also help citizens in Mumbai to correct mistakes in their Aadhar card such as the date of birth (DOB), address, age and other relevant particulars.

All problems relating to aadhar cards in Mumbai will be resolved by these centers.

Address of Mahaonline Ltd. aadhar card Kendra in Maharashtra

  • Govt of Maharashtra Mahaonline Limited aaple sarkar seva Kendra, harikunj building St. Xavier street , parel bhoiwada, Mumbai City, Mumbai City, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400012 Nikhil Govind Vartak 9930634107 16/12/2017 Permanent
  • Govt of Maharashtra Mahaonline Limited Aaple Sakar Seva Kendra, Shop No-8, Laxmidas Wadi,Sane Guruji Marg, Satrasta,, Mumbai City, Mumbai City, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400011 Sameer Anant Shinde 9702456303 15/12/2017 Camp-Mode
  • 3 NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited Alankit Limited ALANKIT, R.R.HOUSE IDEAL INDUSTRIAL ESTATE SENAPATI BAPAT MARG, Mumbai City, Mumbai City, Delisle Road, Maharashtra – 400013 Anagha Sandeep Parab 9969120167 11/12/2017 Permanent
  • 4 NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited Alankit Limited Alankit, R.R House Ideal Industrial Estate Opp.New Empire Mils Senapati Bapat Marg Loert Parel West, Mumbai City, Mumbai City, Delisle Road, Maharashtra – 400013 Lalita Vijay Dhumal 7208281151 12/12/2017 Permanent
  • 5 NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited Alankit Limited Alankit Limited, R.R.House,Ideal Indsustrial Estate,Opp New Empire Mills,Senapati Bapat Marg Lower Parel West, Mumbai City, Mumbai City, Delisle Road, Maharashtra – 400013 Nitin Sanjay Matkar 7710846454 12/12/2017 Permanent.
  • 6 Govt of Maharashtra Mahaonline Limited collectorate assembly segment 178 – Dharavi, Dharavi transit camp municipal school gr floor, Mumbai City, Mumbai City, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400017 Abdullah 8828929229 16/12/2017 Permanent
  • 7 NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited Alankit Limited ALANKIT, Shivshakti,S G Marg,Tardeo, Mumbai City, Mumbai City, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400034 Nikhil Devji Dabhi 8291842493 08/12/2017 Permanent
  • 8 Govt of Maharashtra Mahaonline Limited Collectorate Assembly Sagment, City Of Los Angeles Municipal School,Manmala Tank Road,Mahim,Mumbai-400016., Mumbai City, Mumbai City, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400016 Asmita Sanjay Bhosle 9969552861 12/12/2017 Permanent
  • 9 Govt of Maharashtra Mahaonline Limited Aaple Sarkar Seva kendra, Setu Suvidha Kendra Jilla Adhikari Karyalay Ground Floor Old Custom House Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Mumbai City, Mumbai City, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400001 Hrithik Rajesh More 8286537493 08/12/2017 Permanent
  • 10 NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited Alankit Limited Alankit, Shop No.492,Bane compound,Sane Guruji Marg,Tardeo, Mumbai City, Mumbai City, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400034 Tushar Sariya 9982089406 16/12/2017 Permanent
  • 11 Govt of Maharashtra Mahaonline Limited collectorate Assembly segment 185 – Malbar Hill, Bhimabai Rane Municiple School, Raja Ram Mohan Marg Girgaon, Mumbai City, Mumbai City, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400004 Amita Manohar Waghmare 8898042238 13/12/2017 Permanent
  • 12 Govt of Maharashtra Mahaonline Limited Mahaonline Ltd, 5th Floor, Trade World, D Wing, Kamla City, Senapati Bapat Road, Mumbai City, Mumbai City, Delisle Road, Maharashtra – 400013 Roshan Namdev Gondhali 7400423335 13/12/2017 Permanent
  • 13 Govt of Maharashtra Mahaonline Limited Mahaonline, sarv seva Kendra,jilhadikari karylay,old custom house,shahid bhagat singh marg, Mumbai City, Mumbai City, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400001 Amol Anant More 9322869680 10/12/2017 Permanent

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Link aadhar card to property registration is compulsory | eaadharcard.org

One of the biggest reason behind disputes of property for many years was the vague titles of land. Manual records written were improperly documented mentioned that land plot passes number of hands through the years and the lines mutate hard to track and check which becomes the reason behind the cause of  problems between various, owners and legal hires.

So, e-registration is a reformist attempt. For the very first time The Land Registration Act of 2002 introduced, supplant the traditional terms which is laid out in the last Act of 1925. E-registration was made mandatory in 2015.

link aadhar card to property registration

Aadhar Card sets priority over traditional methods of identity verification

Considering current results, it is now possible to link your aadhar to the e-registration websites of number of authorities confirming your identity and also used for number of transactions where the property title does not get transferred such as the license agreement and leave agreement,” Ajay Bhushan Pandey, CEO, (UIDAI)  Unique Identification Authority of India stated and said.

Once Aadhar card is linked, then you don’t have to wait longer and for registering have to visit the registrar to register your property, keep a tab or make changes to the property you own.

It would be possible to get it registered from the comfort of your homes. As for the two witnesses required while you register your property, their biometric information can also be ascertained to make it convenient and transparent at the same time.

Property Registration Act Amendment

Post demonetization, RERA and GST, the Indian government is frolicking smartly. According to the latest announcement made by Indian Express, the government wish to amend Section 32 and 32 A of the Registration Act where each and every person will have to undergo Aadhar registration without failing of documents to the sub-registrar of the state.

Arun Jaitley ,Finance Minister said, “We need to set an example to create a deterrent against use of anonymous people to hide ill-gotten wealth, amid some politicians and their family members coming under the scanner for alleged ‘benami’ deals. He further added, “This is the right time to confiscate properties of those who use other people to convert unaccounted wealth into white.”

Considering the high authorities performing work under the Aadhar card for registration process, the expected buyers and sellers are supposed to have a valid Aadhar number before property registration.

The procedure of link aadhar card to property registration has already started on the flight basis across the country in all states. According to this system, the local authority would cross-check the status of the proprietorship documents that are given via online systems and number of other documents required to be lined up with the unique Aadhar number.

Now all the sub-registrar offices are connected to the Aadhar server, which makes it simple for registrar to get back important information at the time of property registration.

Link Aadhar card to property registration is done by registration using a biometric technique and the property is then directly transferred to the buyer by entering their biometric details and unique ID .

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How to Link Aadhar with Indane Online | eaadharcard.org

apply for aadhar card | Link aadhar card with Indane online | aadhar card status enquiry phone number

LPG connection of all the customers is supposed to be linked by the Aadhar card as suggested by the government of India because it makes it very simple to transfer subsidies. There are four options available to customers when they are supposed to link their Aadhaar Cards to their Indane Gas LPG connection, options are as follows:

  • SMS method
  • offline mode
  • online mode
  • IVRS method

Link Aadhar with Indane Online

Follow Step By Step Process to Link Aadhar Card with Indane Online

Follow the below steps to link your Aadhar Card online to your Indane LPG connection:

  • First of all make sure that you have your mobile number registered with LPG Indane Connection.
  • Then you will have to go to the official UIDAI website, to start the process
  • Enter all the necessary information asked such as your location , the scheme name (IOCL) , the benefit type (LPG) the distributor name and your LPG customer ID.
  • Now you will be required to insert your mobile number and email address before filling your Aadhar number and then you need to click on the “Submit” button.
  • When you’ve reached at this stage of the linking process, now you will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your email address and your registered mobile number.
  • This One Time Password(OTP) must be entered into the space given and then click on ‘Submit’ button to complete the process.

IVRS Method-Linking Aadhar Card to Indane Gas Online

Follow the steps to link your Aadhaar Card to your Indane LPG connection via IVRS method:

  • Firstly, you will have to visit the official website
  • Now you need to locate the number for your particular district / state.
  • Then simply make up a call the number and the follow the all the instructions to successfully link your Aadhar Card to your LPG Gas connection.

SMS Method- Indane Gas Aadhar Link

Follow the steps to proceed to link your Aadhar Card to Indane Gas LPG connection using the SMS method:

  • Firstly you need to make sure that your mobile number is registered with your LPG connection.
  • If your number is not registered, then you need to simply send an SMS typing ‘IOC < std code distributor telephone number > < consumer number > and send it to the number corresponding to your district / city on here
  • Once you have registered your mobile number with Indane Gas, you will be required to send one more SMS to link your Aadhaar Card to your Indane LPG connection.
  • The SMS should contain the text ‘UID < aadhaar number > and should be sent to the same number on which you’ve sent the message earlier for getting your mobile number registered.

Offline Mode- Link Indane Gas to Aadhar Card

Follow the steps to link your Aadhaar Card to Indane LPG connection in offline.

Make sure that some of the documents are already kept set, such as your Indane LPG blue colour book, your E-Aadhaar card or Aadhaar Card, and Form No.2 – Application Form.

Step 1: In this step of linking your Aadhaar Card to your Indane Gas connection you need to download the application form and then take a print out of the same.

Step 2: Enter all the information required, and since you are an Indane user, the name of the company must be entered as IOCL.

Step 3: You will have to mention your LPG ID and all the other details as asked for.

Step 4: After you’ve entered all the details as asked, now you will have to visit your local Indane distributor to further complete the form.

Step 5: Ensure to obtain an acknowledgment slip from the officials.

Step 6: After the officials have verified the information you have given, your Aadhar Card will now be successfully linked with your Indane Gas LPG connection.

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Simple Steps to Aadhar card correction form download | eaadharcard.org

Aadhar card correction form download | Apply for aadhar card | Aadhar card status enquiry phone number

Residents of the country use the Aadhaar Data Update/Correction Form for the purpose of sending correction or update requests through post. It is vital to note that providing your registered mobile number is mandatory for updating or correcting any of the data fields.

The Aadhar card correction form download from the official website .

Aadhar card correction form download

The Aadhar Update/Correction Form hold the following sections that are compulsory to be filled in by the resident:

  • Field for Update/Correction – In this section you are provided to choose the field you would like to update or correct. The fields are as follows: Name, Gender, Date of Birth in DD MM YYYY format, Address, Email Id.
  • One can select one or more fields as per their requirements.
  • Aadhar Number, here in this section one will be required to enter their 12 digit Aadhar number.
  • In the next section it contains fields that are required to be filled out in English along with the local language that appears in your Aadhar letter.

These fields which you need to fill in aadhar card correction form:

  • The name of the resident
  • Gender – Choose from Male, Female or Transgender
  • Address or C/O Details – Select from C/O, D/O, S/O, W/O, HO
  • The Name of the House or Building Apartment
  • The Name of the Guardian / Parent / Spouse
  • The Name of the Street / Road / Lane
  • Name of the LandmarkName of the Area / Locality / Sector
  • Name of the Village / Town / City
  • District Name
  • Post Office
  • State
  • Pin Code
  • Mobile Number – It is mandatory to enter your mobile number in this section
  • E-mail – You can enter your email address if you so choose
  • The next section is the Document Details section, where you will be required to write down the names of the documents you are attaching. You can refer to Annexure 1 of the form to see the list of valid documents. There are four spaces to fill in namely:
  • POI (For name correction)
  • Pol (For name change)
  • DOB (For change in date of birth)
  • POA (For change in address)

Furthermore when all these fields have been filled with the correct details, one will be required to sign the form or provide a thumbprint stating that the information you have provided is true and accurate.

Two addresses are given at the bottom of the form. You can choose to send the completed form to any of the addresses mentioned below:

  • UIDAI Post Box No. 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India
  • UIDAI Post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034, India

The correction/update form has been attached below for your convince, you can download the form, fill the form and all the required details as mentioned above, from here.

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Aadhaar Card Not Received | What to do? | eaadharcard.org

Aadhar card not received | Apply for aadhar card | Aadhar card status enquiry phone number

Once you’ve apply for Aadhaar card, it may take up to 3 months for you to receive it. Moreover, many a times, many people do not receive it even after the stipulated time mentioned. If you’ve not received your Aadhaar card at your address yet, you can now get it online as well as offline. However, ensure that your Aadhar card has been generated. To make sure that your Aadhaar has been generated, follow the steps here’s how you can check your Aadhaar status.

Aadhar Card Not Received

Important Note: You may have to apply for Aadhar once again, if Aadhar card not received yet, conditions:

  • You had applied for Aadhaar prior to 1st April 2012.
  • Your application has been rejected by the UIDAI.

If your Aadhaar has been generated, you can download it online or get it offline. Taking this discussion further, let’s see:

Here is how to Get Aadhaar Online?

Aadhaar card is dispatched via Indian Post and the delivery status of the Aadhaar Card can be easily tracked by the number of medium. In case you haven’t received your Aadhaar card, you should track the status of it.

Follow the steps to track delivery status of the Aadhaar Card:

  • Go to UIDAI website and then tap on the “Check Aadhaar Status”.
  • Fill in all the require field.

If the status is showing that your Aadhaar card has been dispatched, you can tap on Delivery Tracking Details.

After this you can simply visit the Indian post’s official website  and click on “Track your mail” enter your correct tracking details. And now you will get to see the delivery status of your Aadhaar Card.

It has become a colossal issue now that hard copies of aadhar are not being delivered to the concerned people but as per central government announcement , the printed copy of eaadhar from website is now equivalent to the Aadhaar received by post. So If you have not received your Aadhar Physical copy,

You may download from here and get it printed on plastic card.

Plastic card printing is now easily available in local market at maximum of Rs.50. In case you need it, otherwise you can also get the colour print and get it laminated, it may cost you approx Rs.20.

It is always recommended that one can check their update status but as government has already notified that you are able to download your aadhaar card online. So, the are chances that there would be some delay in shipment and you will receive your aadhaar card as soon as possible. But still their is no harm in contact the concerned authority and discussing the matter with them.

Here are the contact information for their various accounts:

  • Fax number080 2353 1947
  • Call Center1800 180 1947
  • Email – help@uidai.gov.in
  • Or just visit the nearest aadhaar card center to your place

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How to Link Aadhaar to Demat Account | eaadharcard.org

Link Aadhar to Demat Account | Apply for aadhar card |  Aadhar card status enquiry phone number 

What is a Demat Account?

Describing in modest terms a demat account is an electronic holding account for shares and other securities. Demat account use can be compared to that of a bank account. So similarly like the way one use their bank account to deposit and withdraw money, they can use a demat account to deposit the shares that they buy and withdraw the shares that you sell.

Link Aadhar to demat account

A demat account is an electronic account which is provided by depositories like NSDL and CDSL. It provides a very safe and secure method of holding securities in electronic format for the long term. You can check your securities’ holdings anytime at any place. Via consolidated demat account report; you can see all your securities (shares and others) at one place. So a demat account provides convenience. To boil down, as mentioned aforesaid in the beginning, anytime you want to invest in shares and other stock of market securities, you will be requiring three things: a trading account, a demat account and a bank account. Hence brooking firms offer investors a 3-in-1 account which includes a trading account, a demat account and a bank account.                                                                                     

The unique identification (UID) 12-digit number has been made compulsory for receiving most of the services momentarily. Arranging with the union budget 2017-18, (SEBI) Securities and Exchange Board of India has made it mandatory to update Aadhaar in the demat account to circumspect tax evasion and money laundering via trading.

According to the recent announcement, the dead-line for finishing Aadhaar based eKYC for trading account is 31st March 2018; and every demat account holder should mandatorily comply with it. Due to this, the small as well as big trading companies are sending notifications to the demat account holders to complete the process before the aforesaid dead-line. The linking initiative will make the verification process quite easy.

Follow the Steps to link Aadhar to Demat Account

Link Aadhar to demat account account is easy and an chilled process. Just follow the aforesaid mentioned steps to complete the linking:

  • First of all go to the website link here
  • Next when the website is opened , Under “Forms Column”, tap on “Aadhaar Updation Form” and select then click on the “Download” button
  • Now you will be able to take a printout of the downloaded form, so do the same.
  • After this Enter the DP Id, client ID and complete the acknowledgement request as mentioned.
  • Once you have completed filling in all the details, visit the nearest DP servicing branch.
  • Remember don’t forget to carry a self-attested photocopy of Aadhaar card as it is very important for further processing.
  • Now you have to Submit the application form along with Aadhar copy to get your Aadhaar number updated on the demat account.
  • The official authorities verifies the submitted forms. After the verification is over, the official will provide a confirmation message to the applicant.

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Aadhar Card: Aadhar card PVC printer | eaadharcard.org

Aadhar card PVC printer| Apply for aadhar card | Apply for PVC aadhar card 

Most of the cards are printed on the plastic type of material. These plastic cards are also good enough and tough to tear or get damaged.

Differentiating the Aadhar card PVC and the plastic, the PVC is tougher than the plastic and durable. If you are still fascinated by the PVC card then you must visit the licensed Aadhar card agent or enrollment center.

The Government informed in the statement that if a person is obsessed, then he can go to the neighbouring authorized enrollment centers by paying Rs 30/- per one card. Anyone who charges above the mentioned rate fine will be charged.

If you have seen anyone who charges more that the fixed rate by the government for plastic UID then immediately file a complaint so that action can be action at the moment only.

How to Apply For PVC Aadhar Card/Plastic:

UIDAI declared a statement to the public that PVC Aadhar card/plastic Aadhar card is not at all mandatory but only a facile downloaded copy of any paper will be considered as valid.

Why most of the people are still preferring to go for it?

  • PVC Aadhar card is a plastic type of card which looks like the debit card.
  • These cards do not break easily and don’t get damaged with water either.
  • They are impermeable and long lasting.
  • PVC is a tough material which is used to make debit/credit cards etc.

When these rumors, People at the Aadhar enrollment centers and other certified agents are charging from Rs 50 to 200/- for printing of a single PVC card. However, the government is benighted of such issues.

But if you seriously require one then you can apply at the neighbouring enrollment offices or agents present at your place.

The process is easy. Many of the enrollment centers in the city will charge you at a minimal price to print your Aadhar card on PVC material.

Any online merchants who is collecting the public Aadhaar information for the  print  of Aadhar card is the criminal offence and person is punishable with imprisonment under Indian Penal Code and also Chapter VI (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016.

The above mentioned statement is given by the government for the merchants who are charging more than the rate fixed by the government.

  • People should not share their UIDAI details to the unauthorized people as the information is likely to be misused.
  • The Government ordered the vendors and online evaluation websites do not collect any UID information.
  • Most of the people will get their UID’s in plastic material.
  • PVC Aadhar card: PVC Aadhar card and strategy to apply for plastic Aadhar card. UIDAI precisely shared the details of information and same here it is.
  • Everyone is quite aware of PVC Aadhar Card or Plastic Aadhar card which has now become popular past few days.
  • Fabrication in the city that government told the nation that Aadhar cards must be printed on PVC which is a kind of plastic material. Most of the people were confused and there was huge crowd at the enrollment centers regarding the issue of plastic Aadhar UID.

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Aadhar card Barcode Scanner | eaadharcard.org

Aadhar card Barcode Scanner | Apply for aadhar card | Aadhar card status enquiry phone number

Aadhaar is a 12 digital unique identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on behalf of the Government of India. This Aadhar number will serve as an identity proof and address, anywhere in India. Aadhaar letter received through India Post and e-Aadhaar downloaded from UIDAI website are equally legal.

aadhar card barcode scanner

A bar code is a code which is used to encode the information in a viewable data that can also be read by machine such is its mechanism. Basically  the use of  barcodes is for tracking target information, for getting information about the quality of products, the sales of the items, also the increase in the efficiency and speed of payment.

Classification of  barcodes, they are of two types:

  • Linear
  • 2D

The barcode which is quite common, (Universal Product Code) UPC, is a linear bar code which has two parts: 12-digit group and the bar code.

How to read Aadhar card barcode scanner?

The first six digits of the bar code are the code of the manufacturer. The next digit shows information about the particular product. The last number is particularly to check information of the vehicle is accurate or not.
2D barcodes are somewhat more complicated and includes more information about Web address or product images.

Advantage of Aadhar card barcode Scanner:

In big stores, one needs to check huge number of stock goods and also suffer with the of loss and mistakes in accounting.

With the use of bar code technology in these store can aid to solve these issues. Barcodes is programmed in such a way that you can keep track of prices, products, quantities sold through computer. You can easily change the price without putting new prices on all products. You can generally save a lot of time to control its products as time is money.

The QR code with just the Aadhar number have been of little use. It is very easy for one to remember the number over time, like your mobile number.

The main purpose of providing information about demographics in the QR code is to enable its use in scanning machines.  Another option exists for information retrieval via the eKYC API. But that also needs the use of a biometric device. The QR code contains information which is therefore one of convenience when a person is carrying the card and the other party does not have a biometric device.

Below is the data you get when you scan QR code of Aadhar card. Sample Data is provided below:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <PrintLetterBarcodeData uid=”570547897729″ name=”abc khare” gender=”M” yob=”1987″ co=”S/O: xyz khare” house=”house no 798″ street=”near laxmi mandir” loc=”fhd” vtc=”fbb sec 28″ po=”Faridabad sec 28″ dist=”Aya Nagar” subdist=”Fbd” state=”Haryana” pc=”141025″ dob=”14/02/1995″/>

The XML format is very beneficial when you have to store data into many different programs and do not want to mess up anything.

This is the main purpose of the QR code, to easily enter the details of the card holder into the scanner’s database/software by encoding the data in a format that is uniform across platforms.

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