What is the password to open eaadhar card PDF

We have seen many of the people have difficulty in opening their eaadhar card as eaadhar card that is downloaded online is password protected. The eaadhar card is a pdf file which is encrypted with password.

eaadhar card password


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The password to open your aadhar card is you pin code number. Its the pincode number of your city. Either try the pincode number of your address or put the pincode number of your aadhar card center number.

If this doesn’t work let us know through comments below we will tell you the other solution if possible.

Note :  Aadhar card is must for every Indian it will also be required for government exams source : http://sarkarijobmilegi.in

66 thoughts on “What is the password to open eaadhar card PDF

    1. abdulrazhaka

      i got pdf but it password protected when i am entered pin no. still it not working. what i will do and where i will getting the pdf password . please help me.

      1. Ram kumar chaudhary

        I got addhar card pdf with password protected n its doesn’t open with city pincode as well name first 4 latter n date of birth bcz my name is having three later with middle name n last name what can be the possible password for me ??

  1. Noor Jahan

    I tried opening with the PIN Code of the Address that i applied and as well as of centre that applied with. Unable to open the password protected pdf. Kindly assist

    1. Himanshu Garg

      Enter pin code of the same city which you have entered at the time of filling form of aadhar card

      I have tried it and it works

    2. sarvjeet yeadav

      i cannot open my aadhar card with pincode number pls help me out how to open my aadhar card in PDF formats

  2. Dev Sharma

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    I have received my son’s aadhar card in pdf format, but fail to open using city pin code.

    Please provide some solution.

  3. Sonali Chandra

    I am unable to open my eaadhar card pdf using my city pin code (560068). Can you please help me out with other alternative.

  4. Rekha Aditya Samag


    I tried to open the eAdhaar PDF with the help of my address pin code but it doesn’t open. I got the entrollment done with the help of FINO agency which had come to my company as a corporate initiative, hence I am not aware what pin to use.

    Can you please suggest what should I do.

  5. Girish

    In case pincode doesnt work, type the initial 4 words of your name and year of birth.
    for eg. if the name is Ramesh and Date of Birth is 01.03.1989.
    Password is rame1989.

    1. Abhilash Panda

      yes this wordked for me was struggling to find the answer from 1 week thanks a lot man god bless you.

  6. Sajid

    If your pin code not work try first four digits of your name and year of birth e.g Your name is Ramesh and birth date is 20.11.1998 write rame1998

  7. Ashok

    In case pincode doesnt work, type the initial 4 words of your name and year of birth.
    for eg. if the name is Ramesh and Date of Birth is 01.03.1989.
    Password is rame1989

  8. manjunath

    sir i have the pdf adhar but it is asking password but i dont know what is the actual password.please help me . my adhhar no. is 297825051677

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  10. Manab Das

    E-Adhaarhas been reveived, but pincode is not working as password. Assistance would be appreciated. Thank You,

  11. Sushant Kumar Sahu

    i have already downloaded my son’s Aadhaar Card But it does not open.

    Require Document open password,

    Kindly consider my problem & do the needful.

  12. Nikhil Kadu

    I am not able to open pdf file of Aadhar card, I have used my pincode but it show error now how to open it

  13. Syed Jafar

    i have tried to open my adhar pdf file by pincode and first 4 letter of name and year of date of birth what will be the password please help me

  14. Muneer Bhat

    It’s disgusting. Y password isn’t given in the email or sms. Tried pincode but it’s not working.

  15. Muneer Ahmad Bhat

    It’s really disgusting. Y haven’t they provided the password to open the pdf file in the email or in sms.. Tried pincode but it’s not working.

  16. Vasanthakumar

    I tried to open e-aadhar by pin code of my address and also the centre but it’s not working. Give suggestion.

  17. Katie

    In case pincode doesnt work, type the initial 4 words of your name and year of birth.
    For eg: If the name is Kathryn and the Date of Birth is 14.02.1990.
    Password is kath1990


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